Made in Chinatown
Art Series

Net Proceeds Benefit Chinatown Programs

Online Auction: October 12 - 31

About the Auction

The vibrant colors of Chinatown, as seen through the eyes of artist Tak Wah Eng, captures the spirit and resiliency of the Chinese people. The “Made in Chinatown Art Series” consists of 28 powerful abstract art pieces donated by this hard-working Chinatown kung-fu master as a way to connect through art and give back to our community through creativity and compassion, uplifting Chinatown one brush stroke at a time.

Our Mission

Through collaboration with organizations and non-profit groups that share similar goals, we will donate net proceeds of your art purchase to work together efficiently and effectively to build partnerships with the community through neighborhood art events, strengthening youth leadership, engagement through martial arts and strengthening public safety by getting people involved in creative activities held in Chinatown designed to spark interest, engagement and connectivity to help our community businesses to flourish.

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