Robert James Coons

Robert James Coons began his study of Daoism and Chinese culture at the early age of eight. Throughout his childhood he studied Oriental martial arts and always maintained a passion for the study of ideas coming from other cultures and times in history. On suggestion of his teacher, Robert went to China in search of a new perspective on martial arts. Robert currently resides between Canada, where he runs a tea business and meditation club, and Henan China, where he operates an English school and studies Chinese arts and culture.

Internal Elixir Cultivation

Internal Elixir Cultivation


Internal Elixir Cultivation cuts through cultural obscurity and cult secrecy to bring to the West the effortless essence of one of the world’s most powerful wellness practices. Coons translates and explains core concepts from the writings of the great teachers. After an easy-to-follow introduction to Qi, the reader is taught clear techniques to develop and circulate human energy via meditation. Most manuals stop there, but Daoist Meditation goes on to guide you step-by-step to the summit, the ultimate esoteric achievement — how to produce Daoism’s legendary “Internal Elixir.”

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