In celebration of the great success of the First Western Five Ancestor Fist Conference, Tambuli Media, as co-sponsor, is bundling all five of its Ngo Cho Kun (Wuzuquan, Taizuquan) books along with its Okinawan karate book that offers direct links with the SIngapore branch of Five Ancestor Fist. The Conference was led by the theme “Five Ancestors, One Family” and Tambuli Media is proud to be the primary English-language publisher bringing the various lines of Ngo Cho Kun together as a unified family.

The  “Five Ancestor Book Bundle” includes the following six important books:

Quanzhou Taizuquan

Quanzhou Taizuquan is an important treatise on Fujian martial arts, the core of Ngo Cho Kun. Though it delves deep into the history and preserved cannon of Emperor Fist or “Grand Ancestor Boxing” (Taizuquan, Tai Cho Kun), the book is also a parallel look at Five Ancestor Fist (Ngo Cho Kun, Wuzuquan). Written by celebrated master and historian Zhou Kun Min, the book details the origins and development of Taizuquan and Wuzuquan through the centuries, often shedding new light on previously accepted dogma. Retail Price: $32.95

Ngo Cho Bible

Chinese Gentle Art Complete is better known as the legendary “Ngo Cho Bible” first written in 1907 and published in China in 1914 to limited release. Published during China’s Republican Era, it includes 28 fist forms, complete sets of long and short, single and double hand techniques, partner drills, weapons and more. This edition is special because: 1) It is only English version, 2) it is dual language with Chinese characters and English, side by side, 3) It is only version to include photographs. Retail price: $29.95

Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun

In Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun, several forms are taught in great detail in solo, two-man, training sets and applications. These include Sam Chien (Three Battles), Di Sip Kun (20 Punches), Si Mun Pa Kat (Hitting the Four Corners). The weapons forms and applications detailed include the Da Dao (two-handed sword) and the 5-foot Pole. This book represents the training curriculum within the Kong Han Athletic Association from white to black sash. Retail Price: $39.95

Way of Ngo Cho Kun

The Way of Ngo Cho Kun is the first authoritative book on the art of the Ngo Cho Kun, depicting its early history, development, and its embodying principles and techniques like the basic fist set “Sam Chien” (Three Battles) the advanced form “In Tin Tat” (Entwining Kick), and a complete listing of all Ngo Cho Kun solo empty-hand forms. This book, written in both Chinese and English, offers more than 200 photographs and illustrations and aims to bring the more than 150 years of Ngo Cho tradition within your reach. Retail Price: $21.95

Beng Hong Book

This 15 Year Souvenir Publication of the Beng Hong Athletic Association of Orthodox Ngo Cho Kun is a collector’s item. Beng Hong is the International Association for the lineage of the Beng Kiam Ngo Cho Club, the oldest Kung-Fu club in the Philippines. This Souvenir publication celebrates the magazine articles, biographies and photos spanning the group. Retail Price: $11.95

Chanpuru Okinawan Karate Book

Chanpuru: Reflections and Lessons from the Dojo offers important links for Ngp cho Kun. Okinawan karate has direct links to Fujian Kung-fu, and the author and his Sensei studied the Beng Seng Wuzuquan (Singapore Ngo Cho), and offer essays on that line of the art. This book also offers glimpses into the old ways of karate through the personal journey of Garry Parker, a modern day sensei, who learned traditional karate the old way on Okinawa. Retail Price: 21.95

This is an amazing chance to grab all the important books on Five Ancestor Fist at a 30% discount. Retail Price is $158.70, but with the 30% discount you save $47.61! Get your Five Ancestor Book Bundle today while the offer is still valid. 

Grab the Bundle and Save 30%

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