Hakka Unicorn Boxing

Kei Lun Kung-Fu DVD

Hakka Unicorn Boxing DVD

About the Teacher

Tyler R. Rea has practiced martial arts for over 30 years and has received international acclaim for his training manuals and videos. Sifu Rea specializes in the study of Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial arts with an extreme focus on the Martial systems of the Hakka people. He is recognized as a leading scholar in the history of traditional Chinese systems and in the comparative study of systems from around the world.  In addition to his martial endeavors, Rea has professional experience in the fields of Advertising, Publishing, Digital media and video production spanning 28 years. This unique combination of skills allow him to provide exceptional quality in the books and videos he produces, making him a highly sought-after contributor in the martial arts community. He has also applied these skills extensively in the fields of healthcare, advertising, and marketing, and for nonprofit organizations. Rea is Tambuli Media’s video editor.

Rave Reviews

“Overall, I found this instructional DVD useful, and illuminating of a little known style of kung-fu. It does a very good job of illustrating the basic concepts of the art. It does a good job of showing basics of a particular system.” –Jared Wilson, Martial Thoughts

“Tyler Rea does a fantastic job of presenting the many facets of the basics of Hakka unicorn boxing… a little known system whose movements are at the root of many Hakka styles. Nowhere else can much of this information be found, including the dummy training and footwork sets.” –Dr. Mark Wiley, Beng Hong Athletic Association

About the DVD

Hakka Kei Lun kung-fu (Unicorn Boxing) has had a profound influence on many Chinese and Southeast Asian martial arts. During the 1950s Hakka Kei Lun was taught in Hawaii by the Late Sifu Wong Kook Fot. So effective are its methods that the founders of modern Kenpo karate, Ed Parker and K.C. Chow, used the art to form part of Kenpo’s core training. In this unique DVD, Tyler R. Rea teaches the fundamental details and training of the Kei Lun art. This video teaches 7 unique areas of Unicorn Boxing:

Lesson 1 – Kei Lun Unicorn – Basic Training
This video teaches Unicorn Boxing’s signature striking fists, first form Hei Gong (Qigong) tendon strengthening exercises, and training details of the Sei Moon Choi fist form.

Lesson 2 – Kei Lun Unicorn – Footwork & Stepping Methods
This video teaches the 5 basic footwork and stepping methods of Unicorn Boxing, including: Sei Gok Chuen Bo (4 corner turning step), Yee Moon Chuen Bo (double gate turning step), Hao Cheong Gwat Bo (backward bracig sweep step), Bik Cheong Ma Jik Bo (jamming braced forward step), Jik Cheong Bo (forward braced step). Also included are the direction change step of Hakka Kei Lun Boxing.

Lesson 3 – Kei Lun Unicorn – Sword Finger Hand
This video teaches 4 Sao Fot training methods for developing Unicorn Boxing’s signature hand, Gim Jee Sao (Sword Fingers Hand). Exercise 1, Gim Jee Chai Mei Heun Kiu Sao (sword finger scrapes eyebrows circular bridge hand). Exercise 2, Gim Jee Chai Mei Heun Kiu Sao (sword finger scrapes eyebrows circular bridge, against taller attackers). Exercise e, Gim Jee Chai Mei Heun Kiu Sao (sword finger scrapes eyebrows circular bridge, with elbow strike). Exercise 4, Gim Jee Tien Dim Tai Kiu Sao (sword finger points to heaven exercise, ascending displacement strike).

Lesson 4 – Hakka Kei Lun – Sei Moon Choi
This video teaches Unicorn Boxing’s first form, Sei Moon Choi (The 4 Gates Fist). This core form cultivates in the practitioner several essential skills: 1) the basic close quarter attacks deployed to high and low targets, 2) the 3 thorn elbows, and 3) the lead bridge arm deflections. These techniques derived from the first form are at the core of Hakka Kei Lun Kung fu entering techniques.

Lesson 5 – Hakka Kei Lun – Yee Sei Mook Jong
This video presents the fundamental Dummy Techniques, Entry Methods, and Bridging Skills of Hakka Unicorn Boxing. Entry methods for the Gim Jee Sao, elbow strikes, palm methods, and compound deflection parries are demonstrated. Presented are the first 24 basic training dummy exercises of the Hakka Kei Lun Kung fu of Sifu Wong Kook Fot.

The DVD is the combined program of Tambuli’s two Hakka Unicorn streaming video series.