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Wind & Fire Wheels

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About Dr. Steve L. Sun

Steve Sun - Author Pic - 200The late Dr. Steve L. Sun was the founder of the Siu Lum Studio and Martial Arts Academy in Havertown, PA. He was inducted into the USA WKF Hall of Fame in 2000, where he received the “Outstanding Grand Master” award. He earned a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and was also a practitioner of Oriental medicine.

About the Book

Feng Huo Lun, or the Wind & Fire Wheels, is one of the most extraordinary weapons in the Tai Chi curriculum. As such it is not well-known or well-understood. This rare and limited edition book by the late Dr. Steve L. Sun is a rebirth of a unique and extraordinary Tai Chi weapon. This limited run book, a collector’s item, contains 765 photos in 376 pages of stances, power training, endurance and spiritual training, exercises, three forms, and self-defense. Limited Copies of the rare, out of print book. Grab your’s today!

Rave Reviews

“The writing in this book is profound, logical and scientific.” –Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

“This book contains sound, practical knowledge, history and realistic applications all in one volume. It is also a way of proving the old maxim, If you truly know the hands you can know the weapon.” — Dr. John P. Painter

“Many people will benefit from [Dr. Sun’s] research and writing about [the Wind Fire Wheels].” –Pat Rice, Director “A Taste of China”

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