Tiger Claw Kung-Fu

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Book Specs 6″ x 9″ Paperback | 240 Pages | 500+ Images |¬†Black & White on Cream Paper | Pub Date: 1988

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About Tak Wah Eng

Sifu Tak Wah Eng has been involved with the ancient world of martial arts since the tender age of four. Growing up in Hong Kong and later moving to The United States, Sifu Eng has had the opportunity of studying with the world’s top martial arts masters. Today, after four decades of training, Tak Wah Eng is recognized as one of the most accomplished Masters, earning him respect and distinction. He has won many prestigious awards for forms competition, full contact fighting and has served as a judge in numerous tournaments and demonstrations. Sifu Eng has has also served as a fight choreographer and technical advisor for many feature films and has appeared on a variety of national television series

About the Book

Classic book on the Fu-Jow Tiger Claw system of the late Gransmaster Wong Moon Toy, headed nopw by Grandmaster Wai Hung and Sifu Tak Wah Eng. This is a highly educational book for people who want to learn about the Tiger Claw system of Kung Fu. It contains photos of step by step movements and easy to read instructions on the basic movements of Tiger Claw. As with all forms of learnint, “little and often” is the most effective way to gain proficiency in the arts. Commit yourself to at least 15 minutes of practice a day and you will be surprised at your progress. To get the maximum benefits of training, follow the instructions from start to finish.

Rave Reviews

“Sifu Tak Eng exempliefies skill, honor and truth. His controbutions will not only bring success to Fu-Jow Pai, but to all of kung-fu” –Sifu Paul Eng

“The authentic history of the Tiger Claw Kung-Fu has been passed dwon from generation to generation. Entering the Fu-Jow Pai is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the Tiger Claw System” –Sifu Chan Pui

“Sifu Tak Wah Eng is a true master of Tiger Claw kung-fu and this book displays his knowledge, skill, and wisdom within this tradition. A must have classic!” –Sifu Mark V. Wiley¬†