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Sledgehammer Workout: Wrists, Arms, Core
Workouts can sometimes get boring. It’s the same old, same old jogging, push-ups and weight training — again and again. But not this time. Forget dumbbells. Forget kettlebells. This is something different, dynamic, and just what you need to kick up your dynamic strength and power training.
Module 1 Workout I
Sledgehammer Workout 1 contains 5 unique exercises: 1) Swing Squat, 2) Iron-T with Lunge, 3) Push-ups with Hammer Raises, 4) Head Circles with Stepping, and 5) Cut-up Cut-downs!
Unit 1 Sledgehammer Workout I  
Module 2 Workout II
Sledgehammer Workout 2 contains 6 awesome exercises: 1) One-legged Hammer Squat, 2) One-legged Resistance Row, 3) Hammer Walkout, 4) Slide and Swing, 5) One-legged Hammer Rainbow, and 6) Horse Stance with Grip Drops!
Unit 1 Sledgehammer Workout II  
Module 3 Workout III
Sledgehammer Workout 3 contains 4 dynamic exercises: 1) Jackknife Hammer Circles, 2) Iron-T Cross Body, 3) Hammer and the Nail, and 4) Jackknife Hammer Halo!
Unit 1 Sledgehammer Workout III  


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