Made In Chinatown

When a Chinese guy joins to Mob…


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Rave Reviews

“Smartly Cheeky… with Backdoor Humor, Inside Jokes, and In-Your-Face Puns.” — Black Belt Magazine

“Thanks for making this great movie! It’s sentimental and beautiful.”—Metro Chinese Weekly

“A Feel Good Film with Fight Scenes!”—Film Fan Dojo

“A Great Movie! One of the best to look out for.” — Asian Movie Pulse

“Full of Surprises, Comedy and Uncanny Situations”— Picture This Post

“A Fun Romp with Some Enjoyable Fights and Wacky Characters” — The Action Elite

“A Fun Film with Heart and Great Fight Scenes” — Kung-Fu Drive-in Podcast

“A Witty, Winsome Heartwarming Tale of a Guy Whose More Wushu Than Wiseguy.” — Urban Action Showcase

“You Have Got a Hit On Your Hands!”— Museum of the Moving Image

“One Very Entertaining Movie”— Search My Trash

“A Love Letter to the NY Kung Fu Scene”— Kung Fu Magazine

“A fun, good-hearted action flick. And with that cast you can’t go wrong!”— Suki & Scott Show

“Jay Kwon… Brings the Fun In Action and… With His Performance”— World Film Geek

“Delightful [in] Its Discussion of the Asian Immigrant Experience and Identity.” — Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assoc. of NY

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