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Deeply moving, insightful and inspiring, Raymond J. Barry offers readers insights into what it takes to survive a violent upbringing, to excel in sports, to be swept away by theater, and then to become a successful actor and a happily married man in a town and business known for decimating more lives than it elevates.

“Acting for me was insanely difficult, but not to say impossible,” Barry confesses. “Self-doubt was often the fountainhead of numerous mishaps along the way. Pride was a large factor in my refusal to surrender, like a rhino charging a truck, again, and again, not realizing the truck is made of impenetrable steel. One cannot approach the profession by ‘trying it out for a while to see what happens, before trying something else.’ Becoming an actor involves ‘free will’ to choose a profession and then fully embrace the struggle that lay ahead; all the profession’s hazards, its entire package of part-time jobs, numerous failures, fear, self-doubt along with moments of absolute joy, blended with sporadic and then finally consistent success.”

A workhorse of an artist, Barry is known for his immense body of creative roles on screen in such films as Year of the Dragon, Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Man Walking, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Made in Chinatown, television shows including X-Files, The 100, Gotham, Justified, and on hundreds of theater stages. Between 1964 and 2021, he’s garnered an impressive 130 film and television credits, and hundreds of stage performances throughout the globe.

Never A Viable Alternative is more than the memoir of an award-winning actor. Here, Ray Barry digs deep and provides us all with a “Master Class” on what it takes to be a successful working artist and a solid human being.

Book Specs: $24.95 | Paperback | 6″x 9″ | 327 Pages | 142 Photographs
Black & White on White Paper | Pub Date: December 01, 2021 | ISBN:978-1-943155-37-8