YIN: A Love Story

Book Specs $16.95, 5.25″ x 8″, 444 Pages, Black & White on Cream Paper, Pub Date: October 22, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-943155-12-5

Author Bio

Yunrou - Author Pic - 200Author, activist, and Tai Chi master, Yunrou (formerly known as Arthur Rosenfeld) has a lifelong relationship with Taoism. A 35-year master of Taoist arts, he was born in America and ordained a monk, by official leave, at the Pure Yang Temple in Guangzhou, China. Combining his overarching spiritual focus with a Yale literary education, the pursuit of natural history at the University of California and Cornell, he is an authority on the cultural, social, and spiritual dimensions of Eastern thinking for the Western world. Yunrou contributes to such publications as VogueVanity Fair, and Parade, and has been profiled and cited in Newsweek, and other national magazinesIn addition to his public television presence, he has appeared on national TV networks including Fox News, and interviewed on various podcasts and radio shows. His blog on The Huffington Post is frequently cited by other websites, including The Wall Street JournalFox Business News, and Reuters.

About the Book

Traditional Chinese culture rests upon the shoulders of three great sages, Confucius, the Buddha, and Lao Tzu. YIN is the story of the latter, the most mysterious and least known of the heavenly trio, and his quest for a soul mate, a quest answered by a tortoise, a Galápagos giant to be precise, brought to him, as a tiny baby, from across the great Pacific.

A work of magical realism in the vein of Gabriel Garcia Márquez and David Mitchell, YIN chronicles the efforts of the great sage to create the woman of his dreams. It is a novel of idealism, frustration, persistence, unimaginable endurance, failure, tragedy, and triumph. Set alternately in current China’s era of economic marvels and social change, and in the formative, ancient dynasty during which the seeds of today’s great nation were sown, YIN entrances and enchants as a love story for the ages, yet also mines an ancient philosophy to offer readers both a different way of thinking and of looking at the world, and a recipe for social and environmental change.

Questioning the speed-and-greed consumerism of the USA, and challenging China to come back to its roots, it has become the first literary novel simultaneously published in both countries.

Only $16.95

Rave Reviews

“YIN is charming and profound. [I]t has much to teach contemporary readers caught up in the distractions of modernity. Readers of all ages will find much to amuse, instruct and uplift them in this deceptively modest book.” —Adam Bellow, Editorial Director, Broadside Books/HarperCollins

“Yin [is] a philosophical adventure story in which Taoism, humor, mystery and a keen appreciation of Chinese life and thought are blended into an exhilarating cocktail.” — Dennis O’Flaherty, author of King of the Cracksmen

“Wars against humanity are fought for more land and resources and some are under the façade of national pride, religion, security and ideology. Maybe Daoism’s respect of the nature and humanity and the “less is more” attitude can be a beacon. With that, I appreciate Arthur’s book of Yin.”  — Violet Li, Tai Chi Examiner

“Millions of people have read the Tao Te Ching, and yet nearly nothing is known about its author. As a Taoist himself, Yunrou does a beautiful job giving a face and a tridimensional personality to go with it to the man behind the legend.” — Daniele Bolelli, author, professor, and host of The Drunken Taoist Podcast

“Among the rich offerings of contemporary fantasy literature, novels set in China are few and far between.  Yunrou’s extraordinary new novel, Yin, is a philosophical adventure story in which Taoism, humor, mystery and a keen appreciation of Chinese life and thought are blended into an exhilarating cocktail.” —Dennis O’Flaherty, author of King of the Cracksmen

“Yunrou, he has penned a delightful fantasy, Yin, that purports to explain the origins of theTao Te Ching from the point of a small turtle.  A nice change of pace and a fun read.” —Guy Leekley, translator of Tao Te Ching

“Yunrou has offered us the gift of a love story that does have ‘personalities’ involved. Yet, the real love story that is revealed is the one between Yunrou and the Tao Te Ching. His writing expresses a genuine realization, cultivation, and actualization of a wholesome life.” —Mitchell Doshin Cantor, Sensei of The Southern Palm Zen Group

“Yunrou’s page-turning novel about legendary mystic Lao Tzu brings to life the ancient wisdom of the Tao, and leaves the reader… wiser, more optimistic, and a believer in the mystical wonder of the universe.” —Tom Peek, award-winning author of the novel Daughters of Fire

“Magical realism, meet Taoist sci-fi. A great read that teaches us about nature, Chinese culture, and life itself.”  — Don Lyman, former senior U.S. diplomat

“Remarkably, Yunrou has created, in Long Ears, a plausible Chinese genius.” — Herb Borkland, author of DOG$