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Japanese & Okinawan Martial Arts (Books)

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Filipino Martial Arts (Streaming Course)

Integrated Eskrima Distance Learning Program (DLP) — developed and structured by FMA historian and grandmaster, Dr. Mark Wiley — whose name and work has become synonymous with Filipino martial arts, as his training has taken him to the greatest legends and masters in the Philippines and the United States, most of whom are no longer with us.

After three decades of training and research, trial and error, Dr. Wiley has truly developed a unique and in-depth conceptual system called Integrated Eskrima. This is a system of optimized martial training intended to drastically enhance learning, power development, movement integration, and strategic application across classical and modern methods of FMA.

The backbone of Dr. WIley’s optimized martial training method is known as IMT, or Integrated Modular Training. This method to mastery targets the full integration of the core martial tactics of the old FMA Masters as categorized and integrated into the IMT method through Dr. Wiley’s analytical and experiential lens.

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Filipino Martial Arts (Books)

FMA Education
Veintenueve Balisong

Chinese Martial Arts (Books)

Quanzhou Taizuquan
Way of Ngo Cho Kun

Chinese Martial Arts (DVD)

Hakka Kei Lun Unicorn Boxing DVD