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Hakka Power Training Video Series

Hakka Unicorn Boxing – Series 1

Hakka Unicorn Boxing – Series 2

Explosive Shield Training

Sledgehammer Workout


Facebook is the Preferred Access Platform. (All 8 Courses are also still active on Tambuli Member Area)

Eight course pages are also live on Facebook, each as a Private Group. Each page contains all the videos and a PDF of the course outline and details.

This new delivery method will allow all Course Videos, PDF, and comments to be in the same place for ease of access, comments, and reference. In addition, when looking to review Module Units, previous feedback, and ask new questions and post videos for comments… the location will be easy to find.

You are hereby invited to click the Course Links below to then be permitted access into that Course Group. Access to Courses you have not yet enrolled in will be restricted until you have enrolled therein, and links to these can be found at the bottom of each Course PDF. In addition, links to book individual private online training with me, are also found at the end of each course PDF.

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