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Welcome to Tambuli Media, publisher of in-depth media on mind/body martial arts and health. 

Our Vision is to see books once again playing an integral role in the lives of people who pursue a journey of personal development, through the transmission of traditional knowledge of mind-body cultures.

Our Mission is to partner with the highest caliber experts to bring you quality books that are in-depth, well-written, clearly illustrated and comprehensive in nature. 

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6 thoughts on “Welcome – old site”

  1. Great information being provided by Master Wiley, with more being provided thanks to his extensive network of connections. looking forward to whats to come 🙂

  2. I have just received a number of books by Tambuli media, each of the books I have read throughe all are unique and in many ways provide first time in the west information within thier subject matter. Each of the books had great historical information on the styles and systems, the technical and physical training methods often not available to the western reader. I congratulate Tambuli Media and Dr Wiley for securing such excellent authors and material, this is exactly how Traditional Chinese Martial Arts will not only be protected for future generations but also to educate the reader to what real Chinese Martial Arts are.

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