Kong Han Ngo Cho:

Forms Weapons Fighting

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Author Henry Lo

Henry Lo - Author Pic -200Henry Lo was born in 1961 and started training in Ngo Cho Kun in 1971. In 1995, after the passing of his father Grandmaster Dr. Lo King Hui, Henry became the Headmaster of Dr. Lo Yan Chui Memorial Institute of Kong Han Martial Art Club, Philippines. That same year he also won second place in full contact sparring at the International San Shou Tournament at Zhengzhou, China. Sifu Henry has won many awards and recognitions and is very active in leading Kong Han in several international and national tournaments and conventions.


About Daniel Kun

Daniel Kun - Author Pic - 200 bDaniel Kun born March 4, 1958 Manila Philippines started training in 1975 at Kong Han Martial Arts Club became an outstanding student with his athleticism and natural ability in learning and absorbing Ngo Cho Kun. From 1977 -79 at a young age he successfully became the national open style martial arts full contact champion of the Philippines with a record of 9 wins 0 losses. In 1995 he and his family migrated to Canada and in 2002 he started Canada Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung-Fu Assn. He is active in international and local events and is an active member and supporter of Kong Han main club in the Philippines.

About the Book

Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun, also known as Wu Zu Quan or Five Ancestor Fist kung-fu, is one of the most popular styles of Southern Fist in China. Currently, it is the official style of the Southern Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, China. The founder of this dynamic art, Chua Giok Beng, had 10 disciples, each developing his own branch of the system. This book presents the core training of the Kong Hang Athletic Association branch of Dr. Lo Yan Chui, passed down and currently headed worldwide by Sigong Henry Lo, and in Canada by Sifu Daniel Kun.

Kong Han Ngo Cho: Forms, Weapons and Fighting begins with a historical presentation of the development of the various lines of Ngo Cho—each with a different focus on the representative systems of Tai Cho, Crane, Monkey, Monk, and Damo. The book then delves into the fundamental training that sets the basis for mastery of this style. Empty hand techniques, internal organ qigong exercises, solo forms, two man forms, training sets, fighting applications, weapon forms and applications, and full-contact lei–tai competition training are all presented in this comprehensive volume.

Several forms are taught in great detail in solo, two-man, training sets and applications. These include Sam Chien (Three Battles), Di Sip Kun (20 Punches), Si Mun Pa Kat (Hitting the Four Corners). The weapons forms and applications detailed include the Da Dao (two-handed sword) and the 5-foot Pole.

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Rave Reviews

“I enjoyed the completeness of the book. The writing of the history and the philosophy along with the empty hand and weapons forms and training drills give you a very good general feel for what the system is about, and what you would expect to see at a training session… I really like the idea of showing the forms in three different ways. The descriptions on the pictures allow you to create a sense of movement in the pictures that is hard to accomplish. Overall, I’m going to give this book 3.5 Ninja Stars.” -Jaredd Wilson, Martial Thoughts

“Sigong Henry Lo and Sifu Daniel Kun cover a lot of ground in their book, including Kong Han’s curriculum through O-Duan (Black Belt). I commend the authors for their research efforts and detailed presentation of their art.” –Dr. Mark Wiley, International Beng Hong Athletic Assoc.

“A detailed and interesting introduction to an art famous in south east Asia but virtually unknown in the West.” –Sifu Nigel Poulton

Only $39.95