Tambuli Media was founded in 2013 by Dr. Mark Wiley, a holistic healer, martial arts grandmaster, historian, and editor to many leading book and magazine publishers. His passion for mind-body traditions spans the gamut of traditional methods and modern practices and his has studied in six Asian countries. Believing that the world can be made better, one person at a time, if each person were able to improve themselves on the inside and outside, through self-directed means, he established Tambuli Media to start a revolution toward self-empowerment and life improvement.  All of our Products are available on AMAZON and KINDLE.

New from Tambuli Media

Dr. Mark Wiley’s
Natural Solutions for Pain

Datu Shishir Inocalla’s
Ancient Spiritual Meditation

Made in Chinatown Movie Poster

Coach Kevin Kearn’s
Amazing Anti-Bully Program

Walther von Krenner’s
Memior of Training in Japan

Tambuli’s first FEATURE FILM

Made in Chinatown Movie Poster

GM Mark Wiley’s FMA
Distance Learning Program 

Sensei Russ Smith’s New Book
Skills Training & Applications

GM Ramiro Estalilla’s
Long-Weapon FMA Book

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