Tambuli Media was founded in 2013 by Dr. Mark Wiley, a holistic healer, martial arts grandmaster, historian, and editor to many leading book and magazine publishers. His passion for mind-body traditions spans the gamut of traditional methods and modern practices and his has studied in six Asian countries. Believing that the world can be made better, one person at a time, if each person were able to improve themselves on the inside and outside, through self-directed means, he established Tambuli Media to start a revolution toward self-empowerment and life improvement.  All of our Products are available on AMAZON & KINDLE.

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Featured Books and Courses

Dr. Mark Wiley’s
Natural Solutions for Pain

Kellie Bach’s
3 yr Gratitude Journal

Made in Chinatown Movie Poster

Dr. Mark Wiley’s
High Blood Pressure Program

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Walther von Krenner’s
Atemi Waza of Ueshiba

Master Russ Smith’s
Skills Training & Applications

Master Tyler Rea’s
Hakka Kung-Fu Training

GM Mark Wiley’s
Distance Learning Program 

Sensei Irvin Gill’s
Insights Into Karate

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