Amazing new book! Of Fire and Water: Alchemy and Transformation by GM Rene J. Navarro

For over six decades, Grandmaster Rene J. Navarro has been on a mission, traveling the globe to learn from extraordinary masters of impossible skills, and to…

Longhushan Idyll (a poem)

Written and read by Rene J. Navarro From the author’s collection, Ascension and Return: Poems of a Village Daoist Longhushan Idyll Doing Tai Chi Chuan outside…

In West Lake, After Bai Juyi (A Poem)

Written and read by Rene J. Navarro From the author’s collection, Ascension and Return: Poems of a Village Daoist In West Lake, After Bai Juyi I…

Rene Navarro: Man of Parts, Master of Chinese Arts

Rene has gone to the source of the ancient knowledge several times. He traveled to Chengdu in Sichuan in 1983 to study various forms of Wu Shu, such as northern spear, sword, monkey fist and cudgel. He was in China again a few years ago to teach English as a means of livelihood, but the main purpose was to explore further the ancient traditions of Shaolin kung fu in places where it is still being taught by venerable masters.

Ascension and Return

This collection of heartfelt and insightful poems and a few prose poems was written over a 45-year period as the author traveled the world: from Egypt to Bali, from Thailand to Istanbul. It features the poet’s involvement with Daoist transcendent practices and earthly engagement that transforms experiences into dream-like and ecstatic meditation.

Bringing Chi Nei Tsang Organs Massage to Homonhon

We thought we could not leave because there was a typhoon in the horizon, but we took the plane from Manila to Tacloban City anyway. We were picked up at the airport and brought to Guiuan, Samar 3 hours east.

Opening the Body to Nature

I have often done qigong and Tai chi chuan in power vortices – in the pyramids at Gisa and the temples in Upper Egypt (Karnak, Dendera, Abydos), in the Tor on Glastonbury and the Stonehenge in England, in the peaks of Huangshan in China, in the stone circles of Scotland, Iao Valley in Maui, Hawaii, and Mount Banahaw in the Philippines.

Tai Chi Sword and the Cop

While watching TV programs and reading articles about the death of civilians at the hands of the police in different cities in the US, I often…

Memory – A Poem

A Poem written by Rene J. Navarro MEMORY Waking up in the empty dark- ness of a bamboo hut somewhere in the hills far from the…