Longhushan Idyll (a poem)

Written and read by Rene J. Navarro From the author’s collection, Ascension and Return: Poems of a Village Daoist Longhushan Idyll Doing Tai Chi Chuan outside…

In West Lake, After Bai Juyi (A Poem)

Written and read by Rene J. Navarro From the author’s collection, Ascension and Return: Poems of a Village Daoist In West Lake, After Bai Juyi I…

Raymond J. Barry’s Favorite Films


Actor Raymond Barry Offers “Master Class” in New Memoir

Deeply moving, heart wrenching, and inspiring, Raymond J. Barry offers readers insights into what it takes to survive a violent upbringing, to excel in sports, to be swept away by theater, and to barely earn a living while trying to make it as an artist and an actor for 20 years; before finally garnering significant recognition beginning in the 1980s, in such films as Year of the Dragon, Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Man Walking, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Made in Chinatown and on television series including X-Files, The 100, Gotham and Justified.

“Made in Chinatown” Movie Tells a Different Chinatown Story

In order to revitalize the economic development of the Chinatown community in Manhattan , the A&C Culture Center and Tambuli Media and Vision Films held an event in front of the Chinese House in New York on the 12th. The background film “Made in Chinatown” lion dance and press conference, hope that through the film, more people are welcome to Chinatown.

Mark V. Wiley Reflects on “Made in Chinatown”

In order to become a wiseguy and win the love of his dream lover, the young Chinese guy who grew up in Chinatown decided to join the Italian “gangster”. Will he be accepted or rejected? Chinese girl or Italian beauty, which one did he choose? Once lost in Chinatown, can he finally find himself? All the answers are in this movie “Made in Chinatown”, which was filmed in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, which combines gangsters, kung fu, and comedy elements.

Kung-Fu. Wiseguys. You’re Welcome!

Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announces the VOD and DVD release of the raucous genre mash-up Made in Chinatown from Executive Producer and Writer Mark V. Wiley and Directors Robert J. Samuels and James Lew.

Ascension and Return

This collection of heartfelt and insightful poems and a few prose poems was written over a 45-year period as the author traveled the world: from Egypt to Bali, from Thailand to Istanbul. It features the poet’s involvement with Daoist transcendent practices and earthly engagement that transforms experiences into dream-like and ecstatic meditation.

Review of Comedy “Made in Chinatown”

The film Made In Chinatown is a very clever story by Writer and Executive Producer Mark V. Wiley. The idea came to him one day and he thought – what would it be like for a Chinese Kid to crossed the boundary of Chinatown and into Little Italy? Well, fugeddaboud the popcorn because you’ll be laughing too hard to eat it!

Indie Flick “Made in Chinatown” Features Top Talent

What happens when a Chinese guy tries to join the Italian MOB? This is the premise examined by Mark Wiley in his new film, Made in Chinatown. It’s a unique fish-out-of-water comedy-of-manners that looks at what it means to be an American in the 21st century.