Welcome to the Transformations Podcast, where your host, Mark V. Wiley, shares the extraordinary journeys he’s embarked on throughout his life. Mark, a renowned explorer of martial arts, energy medicine, and traditional healing, brings you captivating stories gathered from his global adventures. With a legacy of 15 books and 1,000 articles on these profound subjects, Mark dives deep into the transformative essence of experience.

In this podcast, Mark not only delves into his own compelling narratives but also conducts in-depth interviews with a diverse array of guests. Together, they explore a wide spectrum of topics, including meditation, altered states of consciousness, qigong, martial arts, psychology, sociology, trauma, social justice, shamanism, health, fitness, art, music, film. Transformations is a profound exploration of the human condition and spirit, where meaningful conversations unfold about our shared quest for personal growth, purpose, and the pursuit of excellence in life. Join us on this transformative journey as we uncover the depths of human experience and the pursuit of profound transformation.


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