Dr. Mark Wiley has spent decades researching anmastering natural wellness practices around the world.He’s taken those techniques and pioneered a powerful, integrated mind/body approach to arthritis relief and prevention. Simply put, mainstream medicine fails to eradicate our everyday pains, illnessesand diseases. It fails because it is passive and reactionary and thus it is unable to prevent yofrom experiencing chronic health conditions. The important thing is to see and know that thsolution to your daily suffering is grounded in a five-part process called, the Arthritis Relief Action Plan:

Part 1:  Educate yourself about the real causes and solutions of arthritis
Part 2:  Reduce the current level of symptoms you are experiencing
Part 3:  Halt or significantly reduce the worsening of your condition
art 4:  Prevent the symptoms from flaring to improve your quality of life

Part 5:  Regenerate healthy tissue to reverse the damage done

In the pages of Arthritis Reversed, Dr. Wiley shows you how to determine the underlying—and sometimes hidden—causes of your arthritic symptoms. These are actually obviouroot causes and contributors that are only “hiddenbecause you have not (yet) been taughto look for and identify them. Dr. Wiley shows you how to do this and then how to use thaknowledge to reduce your pain and halt or slow the progression of the condition, typicallwithin 30 to 90 days.

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“Dr. Wiley is one of the most clear thinkers and writers in complimentary medicine today. This book is revolutionary and yet it is so simple to follow each step of his plan.”
—Dr. Glenn Peter Lobo

“Arthritis Reversed is a road map to recovery fromarthritic pain and will help you get your life back.
—Dr.  Robert del Medico

“Do not let Arthritis rule your life! Get this book and see what it can do for you. It has helped my patients gain more control over their lives.”
—Dr. Dale Dugas

“Dr. Wiley explains the biggest mistakes made in treating arthritis, and the inflammatory response. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from any form of arthritis.”
—Dr. Robert Chu

Arthritis Reversed Cover 2nd Ed Arthritis Relief Action Plan


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