Wing Chun Secret Societies, Ip Man and Modern Fight Science

Hendrik Santo is a retired power management semiconductor design architect based in Silicon Valley, California. He has over 40 years research in Wing Chun Kuen, and more than 20 years research in the Six Healing Sounds. He was a student of the Chan Patriarch, the late Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, a student of the late Grandmaster, Cho Hung Choy of the Yik Kam Wing Chun Kuen lineage, and a grand student of Grandmaster Ma Li Tang of the Six Healing Sounds Qigong. Our discussion focused on the evolution of Wing Chun, from the mid-1800s to the present day, including its role in secret societies, the anti-Qing government rebellions, splitting into two factions (anti- and pro-Qing), Snake-Crane, Yuen Kay San, Gu Lao, Leung Jan, Ip Man, mapping into modern sports science and how to evolve to remain relevant today.

0:00 Introduction

1:49 New perspective in context

0:34 Is Wing Chun in trouble?

3:29 I-Jing, Diamond Sutra, “nothing fixed is always fixed”

5:14 Why traditional martial arts of today don’t hold up, Evolution and Evidence

7:20 An incident in Fat San, China, in 2017 with leading kung-fu sifu

10:15 Anti-Qing, Heaven and earth Society, Hung Men, San Francisco Chinese Free Masons, Secret Salutations and Poems, Small Knives Society, Taiping heavenly Kingdom

14:49 San Francisco Free Masons’ record of Anti-Qing Gua Pai Salutation

17:38 The real meaning of Wing Chun, Shanghai Small Knives Associations

19:35 Four continuous phases for improvement, Cantonese Opera banned, Qing atrocities, Red Boat replaced by pro-Qing opera group, Fine Jade Association

22:38 Snake-Crane Wing Chun Secret Note, 1850 Siu Lim Tao writing, pro- and anti-Qing Wing Chun, Ip Man’s Wig Chun from Leung Jan is Pro-Qing!

25:46 1850s wing Chun from Ming dynasty military, Shaolin Temple, General Qi Ji Guan

28:14 Qi Ji Guan to Shaolin Short Strike, 1850 Wing Chun is a “four limb art”

30:08 Shaolin and Emei, Qi, Momentum handling, 1970 creation of the four wing chun sets

31:32 Shaolin Weng Chun and the wooden dummy coming to Wing Chun

34:11 Principles of 1850 wing chun: low gate, immovable elbow, body weight, footwork, close strategy

38:57 No vertical “sun punch” or Man Sao in 1850 siu lim tao

41:53 Breathing techniques, intra-abdominal breathing, mapping wing chun into sports science, “sink qi to dantian”

51:43 Stop tucking pelvis in Yee Ji Kim Yeung Ma, discussion, and diagrams on proper breathing methods

57:14 Mapping martial arts training, fighting and recovery into modern sports science

1:00:12 Historical teachings of Wing Chun, 1850 to 1870 to Snake Crane, Yuen Kay San, Gu Lao, Leung Jan, Ip Man

1:05:56 The whole story and situation summarized

1:10:36 Why Hendrik wrote his set of Wing Chun books

1:11:52 Hendrik’s transformation toward being “ordinary”, questioning Wing Chun and martial arts, and embracing the Buddha’s four hearts teaching.

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