Deng Ming Dao | Martial Arts, Daoism, and Spirituality | Ep.2

Deng Ming Dao is a Chinese American author, artist, philosopher, teacher, and martial artist. From a young age, he studied Taoist internal arts such as Qigong and Kung-Fu. He is the author of 365 Tao, Everyday Tao, Scholar Warrior, and Chronicles of Tao. He studied qigong, philosophy, meditation, and internal martial arts with Taoist master Kwan Saihung for thirteen years and studied with two other masters before that. He is a graphic designer and fine artist whose work is in several collections, including those of the Brooklyn Museum.

Our fascinating discussion landed on topics including Daoism as a way and path of life, being among your generation but not imprisoned by it, spiritual practices, martial arts, and firearms.

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