Coach Kevin Kearns | From Zero To Hero, Mental Health, Fitness & Success

Coach Kevin Kearns is one of the most recognizable figures in the sport when it comes to fighter strength and conditioning. He has been professionally involved…

Transformations Podcast Episodes

Features guests to share their transformative experiences. Topics include meditation, altered states of consciousness, qigong, martial arts, psychology, trauma, social justice, health, fitness, art, music, and more. It’s an examination of the human condition and our search for growth, meaning, and the achievement of Excellence in Life.

Michael Maliszewski | Kundalini Shaktipat, Meditation, Enlightenment, Consciousness | Ep.3

Michael Maliszewski is a clinical psychologist who has treated clients internationally in areas of pain management, holistic treatment interventions, and enhanced meditation techniques. He received his…

Rupert Spira | Stop Looking, Forget Everything, Be Still |Wisdom Shares

Charles Bukowski | Nature Doesn’t Give A F*ck | Wisdom Shares

Alan Watts | Letting Go Brings Great Wealth | Wisdom Shares

Deng Ming Dao | Martial Arts, Daoism, and Spirituality | Ep.2

Deng Ming Dao is a Chinese American author, artist, philosopher, teacher, and martial artist. From a young age, he studied Taoist internal arts such as Qigong…

Hendrik Santo | Meditation, Qigong, Buddhism, and Kung-Fu | Ep.1

Insightful conversation with Hendrik Santo on meditation, qigong, Buddhism, the intellectual and natural worlds, training and verification of esoteric practices. Check out this episode!

Raymond J. Barry’s Favorite Films


J. Krishnamurti | Perception of Truth | Wisdom Shares

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