Charles Bukowski | Nature Doesn’t Give A F*ck | Wisdom Shares

Alan Watts | Letting Go Brings Great Wealth | Wisdom Shares

Deng Ming Dao | Martial Arts, Daoism, and Spirituality | Ep.2

Deng Ming Dao is a Chinese American author, artist, philosopher, teacher, and martial artist. From a young age, he studied Taoist internal arts such as Qigong…

Hendrik Santo | Meditation, Qigong, Buddhism, and Kung-Fu | Ep.1

Insightful conversation with Hendrik Santo on meditation, qigong, Buddhism, the intellectual and natural worlds, training and verification of esoteric practices. Check out this episode!

Raymond J. Barry’s Favorite Films


J. Krishnamurti | Perception of Truth | Wisdom Shares

Chlorella: Nature’s Miracle Healer

Chlorella helps stimulate probiotic growth in the gut and binds with toxins (including the pesticides and fungicides that linger on our foods) and heavy metals (from the mercury in silver fillings), moving them out of the body and keeping them from recirculating in the bloodstream.

Improve Your Attitude, Improve Your Life!

Health and happiness represent a frame of mind that influences our choices. In turn, making better lifestyle choices leads to wellness instead of chronic ill health.

PFAS Contaminant in Water Intensifies COVID-19 Symptoms

No one expected a pandemic to lockdown the world in the 21st century, but it did. COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone on the planet in…

Orasyon Meditation: An Indian and Filipino Spiritual Path

Meditative practices were developed thousands of years ago, in countries like Tibet, China, and India. The various practices made their way West and eventually grabbed the…

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