About Tambuli Media

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About Tambuli Media

Tambuli Media was founded in 2013 by Dr. Mark Wiley, a holistic healer, martial arts grandmaster, historian, and editor to many leading book and magazine publishers in the USA. His passion for mind-body traditions spans the gamut of traditional methods and modern practices and his has studied in 6 Asian countries. Believing that the world can be made better, one person at a time, if each person were able to improve themselves on the inside and outside, through self-directed means, he established Tambuli Media to start a revolution. Tambuli is now a hub of self-directed mind-body practices and this actionable content is delivered via blog posts, videos, DVDs, books, webinars, and seminars. 

Tambuli’s Vision is to see mind-body practices once again playing an integral role in the lives of people who pursue a journey of personal development through the transmission of traditional knowledge in modern times.

Tambuli’s Mission is to partner with the highest caliber subject-matter experts to bring you quality content that is in-depth, professional, actionable and comprehensive in nature.

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1121 N. Bethlehem Pike #60-179
Spring House, PA 19477
[email protected]

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President & Publisher
Philadelphia, PA

[email protected]

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The Officers, Authors, and Employees of Tambuli Media DISCLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY over any injury as a result of the techniques demonstrated, described or taught on this website, in any Tambuli Media product, including: Blog Article, Video, Book, or Digital Product. You are advised to consult a physician about their physical condition before undergoing any strenuous training or dangerous physical activity. Practice and training require a fit and healthy student and a qualified instructor or trainer.


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