Ascension and Return

Ascension and Return

Poetry of a Village Daoist

This collection of heartfelt and insightful poems and a few prose poems was written over a 45-year period as the author traveled the world: from Egypt to Bali, from Thailand to Istanbul. It features the poet’s involvement with Daoist transcendent practices and earthly engagement that transforms experiences into dream-like and ecstatic meditation.

Book Specs: $16.95 USD | 5.5″ x 8″ | 104 Pages | Black & White on Cream Paper | Published Sept. 15, 2020 | ISBN: 978-1-943155-34-7

About the Author

Grandmaster Rene J. Navarro is an acupuncturist, herbalist, martial artist, healer, alchemist writer and poet. His first martial arts masters were Johnny Chiuen and Lao Kim, two famous Shaolin Hong Kuen teachers in the Philippines in the 1960s. Rene has been studying the curriculum of Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, including Solo Form, Sabre/Knife, Sword, Staff-Spear, 2-Man Sparring Set/Sansou, Tai chi chuan Chang Chuan/Tai chi fajing form, and Push hands under Masters Gin Soon Chu and Vincent Chu, lineage masters of the system. As a senior instructor of the Healing Tao, he has written the manuals of Kan and Li internal alchemy for GM Mantak Chia. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture with a diploma in acupuncture and a certificate in traditional Chinese herbology. At NESA, he pioneered a course in chi-kung/qigong including Tai chi, Microcosmic Orbit meditation, and Buddha Palm. His poetry and essays have been published in journals and anthologies. Rene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science (MLQ University in Manila) and a Bachelor of Laws (University of the Philippines). In an earlier incarnation, he worked as a lawyer for indigent clients. He has taught in four continents. For Tambuli Media he is author of the book, Ascension and Return: Poetry of a Village Daoist.

Rave Reviews

“The strength of [Rene’s] poetry is the brilliant image embedded in the context of the poem, the very same quality I admire so much in Li Po’s and Tu fu’s poetry, as well as in some of Gary Snyder’s earlier poems (and in some of Rexroth’s).” —From a letter by the poet Len Roberts

“Rene’s words are like raindrops rippling through the mind, revealing the natural beauty from within and all around us. Highly recommended for those interested in consciousness, energy cultivation and simply living from a heightened perspective.” — Lee Holden, Qigong master

“Rene is an example of a lifetime of dedication to the arts he chose to master. Someone who always walked his path with clarity, dignity, courage, and uncompromising passion.” — David Verdesi, subject of the documentary Super Humans

“From the first entry the reader will fall in love with the author, his work, his insights, his skill, his heart.” Dr. Mark Wiley, author of Natural Solutions for Pain and Inflammation

“Rene’s poetry expresses the inner journey of a mystic in a way that allows the reader to peer into that which is usually hidden. It shows that poetry is an alchemy of words, and alchemy is the poetry of the soul, and both paths are expressed by the words Rene puts to paper. When I read these poems, I am called back to the inner journey that is so easy to forget in modern life, but so essential for all of us.” —Dr. Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc

“A full and unique life of study and travel is revealed in this collection from an observant and insightful author. A compelling and enjoyable read…” —Dianne Craft, B.A., M.A.T

“The author’s words lift off the page, taking the reader to places you have never been, and some that you have.” —William Craft, B.S., M.Ed.

“Rene Navarro is a friend, a teacher, a healer, a seeker on the path, and an adventurer ceaselessly in search of the truth of human potential. His poetry embodies those aspects of his personality and life and carries the reader along on this search for truth and beauty. Take the journey with him.” —Mike Arsenault, Licensed Acupuncturist

I have had the good fortune of working with Rene for the 15 years and enjoying his friendship for 25. The amazing breadth of his knowledge of the martial and healing arts is matched by his generosity in sharing it. Through the years I have known Rene, his poetry has also been an inspiration. The first works I encountered were from “At Dufu’s Cottage,” and he has always shared his essays and writings as they came forth. What I love most about his writing is the ease of flow of thought, image and feeling.” —Karen Marie Borla, L.Ac., M.Ac., Dipl. O.M.