The passing of kung-fu master James Cama was sudden and heart-breaking. He was a good man, humble martial artist, and loving father. Tambuli Media is proud to have known and worked with Sifu Cama on what has become his legacy… his book, Fut Sao Wing Chun: The Leung Family Buddha Hand. 

Sifu James Cama's LegacyFut Sao Wing Chun was brought to America in 1961 by Grandmaster Henry Leung, (Hong Lei, Chi Man), who learned the whole system under Great Master Gao Jhi Fut Sao. The system was passed down in America to Master Leung’s one disciple, Sifu James Cama. In this book Cama sets out, for the first time, the outline of the Fut Sao system of Wing Chun Kuen. This book is special because, for the first time ever, the Fut Sao Siu Lin Tao and its two-man set are revealed. The Hei Gung set and meditation visualization practice are also detailed. The gem of the art is its internal practices which are rarely seen in Wing Chun. Chapters include: Forms, Equipment Training, Sensitivity Training, Fighting Techniques.

The art of Fut Sao Wing Chun and the legacy of master James Cama, lives on in the hearts of his students, the capabilities of his son, James, and daughter, Emily, and within the pages of his book. Learn more here.

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