Historic South Shaolin Event!

** All-Day Seminars and Grand Banquet **

Saturday, July 15, 2017 (10:00am – 8:30 PM)

Come out and join us for thisHISTORIC 1st FIVE ANCESTOR FIST CONFERENCE in Blue Bell, PA on July 15, 2017. Experience for the first time ever, grandmasters and sifu from the many lines of Five Ancestor Boxing, teaching and sharing under one roof. For this first Western Ngo Cho Kun / Wuzuquan Conference, we are led by the theme: 

“Five Ancestors, One Family” – 五祖一家 Wǔ zǔ yījiā

Five Ancestor Fist Kung-fu is a comprehensive southern fist Chinese martial art that has become the official style of the South Shaolin Temple, in Quanzhou, China. It is an art that has influenced many styles, and its forms and concepts can be seen as reflected in some Okinawan karate styles, such as Uechi-ryu and Goju-ryu. The founder of the Ho Yang Pai Ngo Cho Kun, Chua Giok Beng (Cai Yu Ming), had 10 Disciples, known as the “Ngo Cho 10 Tigers” and these disciples split into different directions, bringing the art from China out to SE Asia.

The father of Philippine Ngo Cho was grandmaster Tan Kiong Beng followed by his son, Sifu Tan Ka Hong who founded the Beng Kiam Athletic Club, which is currently headed by his son, Sifu Benito Tan. The art also evolved in the Philippines through the efforts of Dr. Lo Yan Chu, who founded the Kong Han Ngo Cho Club, later led by his sons Sifu Lo King Hui, Sifu Lo King Chiok and presently by his grandson Sifu Henry Lo.

The father of Malaysia Ngo Cho was grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, followed by his disciple Sifu Yap Cheng Hai. The father of Malaysian Yong Chun Ngo Cho Kun was grandmaster Kan Tek Guan. 

The father of Singapore Ngo Cho was grandmaster Sim Yong Tek, who founded the Singapore Geok Beng club. His disciple, Sifu Koh Nai King, founded the Beng Seng Pugilism & Physical Culture Institute. Various lines comes from the efforts of grandmaster Sim Yong Teck: 1) Xinan Village, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China; 2. Burma, eventually went to Taiwan; and 3. Singapore.

The father of Indonsian Ngo Cho was grandmaster Lu Wan Ding, the disciple of the 4th Tiger, Yu Chiok Sam, who wrote the famous “Bible of Ngo Cho Kun.”

Come and study with the senior masters and sifu of Ngo Cho Kun / Wuzuquan Five Ancestor Boxing, and learn forms, training drills, application and more… from some of the leading sifu from the various lineages of Five Ancestor Fist, including (alphabetically): 

  • Sifu John Graham, a disciple of the late Sigong Chee Kim Thong, will be teaching partner training exercises and applications methods from the Chee Kim Tong Pugilistic Association.
  • Sifu Daniel Kun, disciple of the late Sigong Lo King Hui and founder of the Canada Kong Han Ngo Cho Association, will be teaching the form Se Mun Pah Kak (Hitting the Four Corners) of the Philippine Kong Han Ngo Cho Association.
  • Sifu Kam Lee is a disciple of the Kan Tek Guan’s Eng Chun Ngo Cho Kun of Malaysia, and will be teaching Chin-na Lock and Control maneuvers and techniques. 
  • Sifu Bonifacio Lim is a disciple of the late Tan Ka Kong of the Philippine Beng Kiam Athletic Association, and will be teaching the Kong Ngo Ki (arm conditioning) and Ngo Ki Lat (Five Parts Power) training methods.
  • Sifu Gregory Tan is a disciple of the late Koh Nai King of the Beng Seng Pugilism & Physical Culture Institute, and will be teaching two-person training methods of Ngo Cho.
  • Sifu Mark Wiley is the disciple of the late Sigong Alex Co and head of the INternational Beng Hong Athletic Association, and will be teaching Ngo Cho Double Hand techniques with focus on disrupting the opponent’s body structure.

Please come out and join us for the historical 1st Western Ngo Cho Kun / Wuzuquan Conference in Blue Bell, PA on July 15, 2017. Meet and train with even more Sifu of the art from the various lineages! 


** All-Day Seminars and Grand Banquet **

Saturday, July 15, 2017 (10:00am – 8:30 PM)

– Grandmasters Seminars 10am – 1pm

– Buffet Lunch (included) 1pm – 2pm

– Grandmasters Seminars 2pm – 5pm 

– Banquet 10-course Dinner & Kung-Fu Demonstrations 6pm – 8:30pm

– Masters books and DVD’s available at Seminar.

Book Now – Limited Space!


Lai Lai Garden Banquet Hall
1144 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Holiday Inn Kulpsville, PA

1750 Sumneytown Pike, Harleysville, PA 19443 – Call (215) 368-3800

We have a block of 10 rooms on July 14, 15 16, 2017 with 1 King Bed or 2 double beds.
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Contact Sifu Mark V. Wiley with questions: [email protected] | (215) 429-2649

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