Headaches Relieved

30-Days to Lasting Relief from Headaches & Migraines

Book Specs 5.5″ x 8.5″ Paperback * 342 Pages * 55 Images * Black & White on White Paper * Pub date: March 20, 2017 * Pain Management * ISBN: 978-1-943155-10-1 * $19.95

About Dr. Mark Wiley

Mark Wiley - Author Pic - 200Dr. Mark Wiley is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, and publisher. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia to research, experience, learn, and master the world’s alternative healing practices; from the oldest to the most modern.

Dr. Mark’s interest in alternative health practices was not just a mere curiosity; he was looking for long-lasting relief from the debilitating migraines and chronic pain that plagued him from childhood. He received treatments from medical doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, hypnotists, acupuncturists, herbalists, bone-setters, qigong masters, yoga masters, traditional Chinese doctors, faith healers and tribal shamans. None of them, individually, were able to offer him lasting relief from his daily torment. So he took it upon himself to learn their methods, in the process earning a Master’s in Health Care Management, and Doctorate’s in both Alternative Medicine and Oriental Medicine.

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the ‘Headache Relief Action Plan’ Dr. Wiley presents in this book.” —Dr. Michael Maliszewski, Integrative Medicine Task Force

“A truly extraordinary, experienced-based and scientifically designed approach to finding relief and long-term prevention of chronic headaches.” —Dr. Juan Otero, Psychoanalyst

“This book is a must. The results will amaze you!” —Dr. Robert Chu, Oasis Vitality Center

“This book is essential.” —Dr. Brett Cardonick, Cardonick Chiropractic

About the Book

After suffering debilitating migraines and headaches every day for 30 years Mark Wiley woke up and decided he’d had enough. After a lifetime of suffering, followed by decades of advanced study and intensive travel to meet with traditional healers and medical experts the world over, Dr. Wiley was able to overcome his chronic headaches and migraines. You, too, can relieve your headaches once and for all.

In the pages of Headaches Relieved, Dr. Wiley presents the program to help you get rid of the crushing, throbbing pain forever. Whether your headaches are cluster or migraine, muscle-based or vascular, allergic or rebound, you will find relief in this simple program. Empower yourself to end the pain today.

The important thing is to know that the solution to your daily suffering is grounded in a five-part process called, the Headache Relief Action Plan:

Part 1:  Educate yourself about the real causes and solutions for headaches and migraines

Part 2:  Reduce the current level of painful symptoms you are experiencing 

Part 3:  Halt or significantly reduce the frequency and duration of your headaches

Part 4:  Prevent the headaches from triggering to improve your quality of life

Part 5:  Repair the body to reduce the internal environment that allows for headaches

Empower yourself to end your pain today!

Rave Review for “Outwitting Headaches”

Mike Maliszewski

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the ‘Headache Relief Action Plan’ Dr. Wiley presents in this book. This is not simply a compendium of techniques found in online searches. It goes much deeper. Dr. Wiley’s approach to headaches and migraines offers the most progressive focus available today.” —Dr. Michael Maliszewski, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Dr. Juan Otero

“Dr. Mark Wiley has presented a truly extraordinary, experienced-based and scientifically designed approach to finding relief and long-term prevention of chronic headaches. His first-hand account, coupled with his ‘Headache Relief Action Plan,’ demonstrates how a complimentary and multi-dimensional approach can emerge as an innovative, comprehensive, and complete treatment program well within the reach of anyone actively seeking relief.” —Dr. Juan Otero, Psychoanalyst and Certified Hypnotherapist

Dr. Chris Viggiano
“Dr. Wiley empowers readers to become active participants on a journey to health and wellness by presenting a detailed program, a GPS map and guide, including points of interest and alternate routes for reader to use and personalize their journey to becoming headache-free.” —Dr. Christopher M. Viggiano, Chiropractic Physician
Robert Chu
“Dr. Wiley’s personal suffering and tireless research into chronic headaches clearly shows that the only way to rid ourselves of them is through a self-directed and integrated mind-body approach. This book is a must. The results will amaze you!” —Dr. Robert Chu, Oasis Vitality Center
Dr. Brett Cardonick
“With the growing epidemic of headaches, this book is essential. Dr. Wiley’s compelling story and self-directed program will give any headache sufferer the belief: ‘If he can do it, so can I!’ —Dr. Brett Cardonick, Cardonick Chiropractic
Dr Glenn Peter Lobo
“Dr. Wiley is one of the clearest thinkers and writers in complementary medicine today. I hope thousands of people will follow his plan and live the life they were born to enjoy.” —Dr. Glenn P. Lobo, The Caring Osteopath
“I have found Dr. Wiley’s self-help headache program to be the best. I use it with great success in my own clinic.” —Alan Orr, LAc, The Chinese Medicine Academy “Mark Wiley pulls no punches in empowering you to stop your headaches with a thorough integrative, natural, mind body approach.” —Gary D. Sandman, Individual Health Solutions “Dr. Wiley presents a fully integrated approach to eliminating headaches forever.” —Brian Saint-Paul, Editor, CRISIS Magazine “Dr. Mark Wiley is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness experts I know. I’m certain you’ll find this book to be an invaluable resource.” —Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, The Healthy Back Institute Headaches Relieved is a well-researched and well-rounded example of how to integrate healthy lifestyle modifications to achieve a greater quality of life. As a future physician, I am pleased this book is available for those suffering chronic headaches.” —Vico M. Viggiano, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine “Nobody I’m aware of has gone farther afield, into every corner of the planet, to research possible medical relief of chronic headaches. This is the last anti-headache book you will ever need.” —Herbert Borkland, Novelist and Martial Arts Hall of Famer