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HEALTH & WELLNESS are the most important things we have. Our stressful lives, lack of time, poor diets, poisonous chemicals and toxins in our homes, electro-smog from wifi, and chronic pain and illness have left modern humans to suffer despite vast advances in science and surgical procedures.

What’s more, we live in a world ruled by deadlines and the ongoing need for more. The result is unhealthy stress levels, lack of sleep, anxiety, unclear thinking, and loss of joy. There is little time for developing ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our souls while engaged in the daily rat race.

TAMBULI MEDIA is a proud advocate for actionable content that can repair, restore, and improve health and wellness by offering proven “do-it-yourself” information and courses for improving health and wellness through its books, videos, articles, and streaming courses. Please browse our titles, read our blog, watch our videos, and share your favorite pages on social media.

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Latest Health & Wellness Articles

How TCM Relieves Arthritis

By Dr. Mark Wiley According to the Arthritis Foundation, the incidence of arthritis is rising so fast that within the next three years nearly 60 million Americans will have this debilitating disease. While arthritis means “joint inflammation,” there are quite a few...

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Help Our Kids Become Healthy Adults

By Dr. Mark Wiley Our children are fatter now than in many decades and if we allow this to continue as parents and teachers and coaches and mentors, we allow them to grow into diseased adults. If you don’t believe me, the statistics from the Centers for Disease...

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Tai Chi’s Healing Movement Power

By Dr. Mark Wiley Premodern civilizations had developed a vast array of mind/body techniques and practices for achieving enlightenment, spirituality and long life. A few of them have survived into the modern age and today science it “catching up” with its realization...

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Orasyon Meditation: An Indian and Filipino Spiritual Path

Meditative practices were developed thousands of years ago, in countries like Tibet, China, and India. The various practices made their way West and eventually grabbed the interest of mind-body enthusiasts and psychologists. Today, meditation is gaining ground as...

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How to Set SMART Wellness Goals

By Dr. Mark Wiley If you want to feel healthier, more energetic and in control, there’s an effective, simple way to go about the task: Use the goal-setting concept known as SMART. When you make a health-boosting plan that’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic...

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Overcome Ego with Presence

By Kellie Bach For a long time, I misunderstood what the ego is.  At first, I thought it was the feeling of being superior to another.  Then I thought it was when I made myself right and others wrong.  I listened to a lot of talks by teachers describing attributes of...

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