Eskrima Street Defense:

Practical Techniques for Dangerous Situations

Book Specs $21.95 6″ x 9″ 142 pages 269 Photographs Black & White on White Paper Pub Date: September 29, 2014 ISBN: 978-1-943155-01-9

Author Bong Abenir

Bong Abenir - Author Pic - 200 bFernando “Bong” Abenir is a Filipino Martial Arts instructor. He started training in the martial arts at the age of 9 through his father in the art of kuntao and learned the concepts knife fighting and surviving on a street fight by a man called mang Inyong from Masbate. This started his in-depth study in the field of martial arts through different Masters and instructors.

He has studied Yaw-Yan under Orlando Lapuz and became an instructor under his leadership. In late 1994 he informally trained under Antonio Ilustrisimo upon the introduction of Pedro Reyes but it was short-lived due to Tatang’s unexpected death in 1997. He continued training under Pedro Reyes and eventually was introduced to Master Tony Diego in 1998 and was granted a certificate of authorization to teach the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo. He was also trained and was certified to teach Nusanatara Pencak Silat by Pendekar Mohamad Hadilmulyo the master of Nusantara Keluarga Pencak Silat and also from his disciple O’ong Maryono who was a three time world Pencak Silat champion and a well-known author and researcher of the art of Silat.

Bong Abenir has written for Rapid Journal and is currently a regular contributor for the Manila Times newspaper in the subject area of practical self-defense techniques. He has appeared in numerous TV sports and morning shows demonstrating his Abenir Kalis system.

About the Book

Eskrima Street Defense: When applying Eskrima for street defense—as opposed to physical training or sport competition—simplicity is the key to survival. Eskrima Street Defense exposes all the gritty basics which reliably counter sudden violence in public places. 

To ensure you can prevail against armed and unarmed assailants and multiple attackers, Bong Abenir reveals dozens of practical self-defense techniques in six major categories — Hand vs. Hand, Hand vs. Knife, Hand vs. Bolo, Knife vs. Knife, Bolo vs. Bolo, and Improvised Weapons.

Starting with easy ways to stay aware of your surroundings in areas where attacks commonly occur, these proven fighting techniques are backed up with guiding principles necessary for success, as well as detailed explanations of the body’s most vulnerable striking points, and specific rules for common-sense self-defense.

OPnly $21.95

Rave Reviews

“One of the first things that sticks out is the no nonsense approach Bong Abenir takes to the applications, incorporating fast powerful strikes with fast take-downs all the while utilizing his environment.  All keys when speaking about true self defense. Abenir does not waste time going into complicated locks and convoluted flows.” –Jake Burroughs, The Ground Never Misses

“As a Filipino martial artist training in Giron Arnis, Lameco Eskrima, and Pekiti Tersia Kali, I find this book simple to read and understand the technology. The techniques are not made to be flashy like one would assume is on TV. The tech is real and is what is needed to save you in a real life situation.” –Chad Crawford, from Amazon review.

“Eskrima Street Defense was an outstanding read. Master Bong does an outstanding job of capturing and presenting his vast knowledge gained over decades of training with some of the greatest masters in the Philippines in a simple and easy to understand way. He more importantly provides a glimpse into the kind of mindset needed to fight through and prevail in life and death situations in environments that are less than optimal.” –Janice Fujimoto, from Amazon review

OPnly $21.95