Fernando “Bong” Abenir

Fernando “Bong” Abenir is a modern master of Filipino martial arts, who started training at the age of 9 He has studied Yaw-Yan under Orlando Lapuz and became an instructor under his leadership. In late 1994 he informally trained under Antonio Ilustrisimo upon the introduction of Pedro Reyes but it was short-lived due to Tatang’s unexpected death in 1997. He continued training under Pedro Reyes and eventually was introduced to Master Tony Diego in 1998 and was granted a certificate of authorization to teach the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo.

He was also trained and was certified to teach Nusanatara Pencak Silat by Pendekar Mohamad Hadilmulyo the master of Nusantara Keluarga Pencak Silat and also from his disciple O’ong Maryono who was a three time world Pencak Silat champion and a well-known author and researcher of the art of Silat. Abenir has written for Rapid Journal and is currently a regular contributor for the Manila Times newspaper in the subject area of practical self-defense techniques. He has appeared in numerous TV sports and morning shows demonstrating his Abenir Kalis system.

Eskrima Street Defense

Eskrima Street Defense


Filipino martial arts are now among the most popular in the world. Yet, as their popularity grew so did the need to open commercial clubs to teach larger groups of people, including children. As a result, these arts have in many cases gone the route of other martial systems—they have become commercialized, watered down, and their curriculum expanded in ways that keeps students in the clubs but detract from the art’s intended use.

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