Action-Thriller “JUN” Delivers Haunting Experience

The team of director Bobby Samuels, HKSA and writer Robert Jefferson have followed up on their award-winning short, “Beast,” with the feature film, “JUN.” And what a terrific cast and crew they’ve been able to pull together for this action/thriller, which is at once haunting and action-packed. It’s like a sci-fi horror film blended with an action film and that went on a spiritual quest.

The story centers around newcomer Cheyenne Tang, who plays a clone and uses her special abilities to take down the organization that created her. Cheyenne’s clone was created with mental and physical powers that many factions want for their own gains, the Government, Criminal Organizations, Black Ops. Some want to capture her, some want to kill her, but she must use her mental skills to draw all the organizations to the layer of psycho Simmons (Who created her) and all hell breaks loose.

The cast also includes veteran actors Teniece Divya Johnson, who appeared in Broken Angels (2014), Gotham (2014) and Luke Cage (2016). Also starring in the movie includes the fantastic David Chen who you’ll remember from hits such as Luke Cage (2016), Gotham (2015-2017), Power (2017) and the upcoming Proud Mary. But it doesn’t stop there, we also have Kage Yami, John Deblasio, Eric Moran and Kevin T. Greene, among a hard-hitting group of others.

The fight choreography looks awesome, flicking from fast paced action to slow motion, highlighting the performers skills on-screen and giving them a platform to shine. And the filmography and soundtrack make this a haunting film experience complete with guns, sword, and martial arts combat.

Robert Samuels is no novice to the action film genre. Having lived and worked in the Hong Kong film industry for decades, he was disciple of the amazing Sammo Hung and had the honor of being the first Black stuntman admitted into the Hong Kong Stunt Association. He brought all this experience and more to JUN. “Anyone can just do Martial Arts, so we decided to go outside that genre, to show a different skill level,“ Samuels explained.

JUN is brought to you by R4Films LLC in association with Tambuli Media, LLC. Its Executive Producers include: Alan Goldberg, Eng Andy, Mark Wiley, Oso Tayari Casel, and John T Chang.Jun is set to premiere at the HBO/Cinemax sponsored Urban Action Showcase and Expo on November 11, 2017 at AMC 42nd Street Theatre in Times Square, New York City! Check out the link and Purchase your Event Passes today!!!

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