Everyone knows about the healing powers of Taiji (Tai Chi). But what many don’t know is that this ancient Chinese art is also a powerful fighting system, and study that reveals the self. And the art as developed by the famous “Master of Five Excellences” Cheng Man Ching, may just be the best, it’s masters say.

In this ground-breaking book, Wisdom of Taiji Masters, author Nigel Sutton presents the wisdom, skill and experience of contemporary masters of Cheng Man Ching’s Taijiquan as practiced in Malaysia and Singapore. Included are full discussions on training, teaching, Taiji principles, weapons, push hands, sparring, challenge matches, mind-body-spirit development, and stories of the late Master Cheng. Two generations of revered masters discuss Cheng’s art in detail, including: Lau Kim Hong, Lee Bei Lei, Zhou Mu Tu, Ho Ah San, Tan Ching Ning, Dr. Fong Fung Tong, Wu Chiang Hsing and Koh Ah Tee. These eight teachers describe their experience which made this art, in 30 short years, the premier fighting style of Taijiquan in Southeast Asia.

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