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CHINESE KUNG-FU is as old as China itself. So vast are the systems of kung-fu that they need to be categorized by region. There are the “Northern Kicks,” the “Southern Fists,” the “Qin Na locks,” and the internal arts of Qigong and Taiji. These dynamic systems have stood the test of time.

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Dynamic Empty Hands of Fujian “Emperor Fist”

by Zhou Kun Ming As Quanzhou Taizuquan [aka Emperor Fist or Grand Ancestor Boxing] underwent development and refinement it experienced hardship along the way (what with Quanzhou’s political climate of that time); but as a result of this came a positive outcome for it...

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Jook Lum Southern Mantis Carries On…

KWONG SAI LUNG FU SAN JOOK LUM GEE TONG LONG PAI The Southern Praying Mantis System has a history of over 200 years and is credited to Som Dart. He was a monk at Jook Lum Gee (Bamboo Forest Temple) in the shadows of Lung Fu San (Dragon Tiger Mountain) in China’s Kwong...

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The Essence of “Emperor Fist” Kung-fu

by Mark V. Wiley It gives me great honor to present this Tambuli Media English translation of Master Zhou Kun Min’s excellent Chinese-language cannon on Taizuquan, otherwise spelled Tai Cho Kun and known as either “Grand Ancestor Boxing” or “Emperor Fist” kung-fu. To...

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