Have you ever wondered at the close range, explosive power of Hakka kung-fu? Styles like Bak Mei, Lung Ying, Unicorn, Jook Lum, Chu Gar and others are noted for their furious close-Hands fighting and short-range power. 

Now’s your chance to develop the the close power of Hakka boxing. For the fist time this series of power exercises are presented in video format by Tambuli Media. 

This video series is viewable on all portable electronic devices, and includes Sifu Tyler R. Rea, who has practiced martial arts for over 30 years and has received international acclaim for his training manuals and videos. Sifu Rea specializes in the study of Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial arts with an extreme focus on the Martial systems of the Hakka people. He is recognized as a leading scholar in the history of traditional Chinese systems and in the comparative study of systems from around the world.  In addition to his martial endeavors, Rea has professional experience in the fields of Advertising, Publishing, Digital media and video production spanning 28 years. This unique combination of skills allow him to provide exceptional quality in the books and videos he produces, making him a highly sought-after contributor in the martial arts community. He has also applied these skills extensively in the fields of healthcare, advertising, and marketing, and for nonprofit organizations. 

In these three videos, Tyler clearly demonstrates…

1) White eyebrow Salute Exercise: How to practice the Bak Mei salute in a looped left and right reciprocal cycle. This method develops great expression of back power transmitted to the extended limbs. Ultimately enhancing the practitioners cultivation of float, sink swallow and spit. Progressing to the double eagle claw grab famous to the white eyebrow system, training wrist strength and power.

2) The Bik Cheong Jarn: How to practice the Bik Cheong Jarn (Jamming Braced elbow strike) of Hakka boxing.  This penetrating elbow strike is a chest crushing blow in close quarters.  This strike enhances the set up for groin and throat attacks.

3) The Sei Ging Sao, 4 Energies Hands: How to practice the The Sei Ging Sao bridge arm exercise. This fundamental movement sequence is at the heart of all Hakka boxing and at the core of cultivating float, sink swallow spit and Hei Gong power. an invaluable training detail to any southern system and Hakka boxing.

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Hakka-3-Video-Series Essentials of Hakka Power Training tambuli media

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