Lameco Eskrima:

The Legacy of Edgar Sulite

Book Specs $29.95 7″ x 10″ 292 pages xxx Photographs Black & White on White Paper Pub Date: November 05, 2014 ISBN: 978-1-9431-5503-3

Author David E. Gould

David Gould Head shotDavid E. Gould has been training in the Martial Arts since 1977 but he is best known for his association with Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite and the Lameco Eskrima System. He was the last Instructor certified by Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite in the Lameco Eskrima System on July 28, 1996 as well as being one of the recognized Standard Bearers of the System who was appointed directly to that position by Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite in 1996. As well as being a long time private student of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, David E. Gould was also one of 25 exclusive handpicked members of PG Sulite`s private “backyard” invitation only group which later became known as the “Sulite Orehenal Group”. David E. Gould has conducted hundreds of Lameco Eskrima Seminars in numerous countries around the world and also teaches Elite Military and Law Enforcement.

About the Book

In the art of Eskrima, few names resound like the late Edgar Sulite’s. This young man from the Philippines sought out numerous masters, tested his skill in challenge matches, and developed a system called LAMECO (an acronym for Largo, Medio, Corto; the 3 fighting ranges of Eskrima). In this unique book, Sulite’s “backyard” student and close friend Guro David E. Gould recounts the life, the art and the legend of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite and his Lameco Eskrima system.

Organized into 10 distinct chapters, Lameco Eskrima: The Legacy of Edgar G. Sulite, shows the evolution of a fighter and his art, from the early years of training in Tacloban City and Ozamis City, with legendary masters to the founding of Lameco Eskrima and Sulite’s meeting in Manila of such notable figures as  Christopher Ricketts, Tony Diego and Tatang Ilustrisimo. Chapter 4 discusses the writing of Sulite’s three classic books, his world tour and challenge matches.

This is followed by chapters on Sulite’s relocation to Los Angeles, the spread of his art internationally, and his invitation-only backyard class. The late Punong Guro used to say that one must try their best to get a collective understanding, a complete image of a person by looking into all available sources. This book, and these last chapters, provides such insights and exposure found nowhere else.

Only $29.95

Rave Reviews

“As the founder of the Lameco style, Edgar Sulite’s name and memory shall forever be remembered for all lifetimes. Here is one person who has shown unequaled, exemplary passion and dedication to his craft.” —Alexander Lim Co, publisher of Sulite’s 3 books

“What makes Lameco Eskrima: The Legacy of Edgar Sulite so significant is that it is part biographical, part historical, part memorial, part instructional, and altogether an invaluable resource providing insight into the life and art of a great man.” —Dr. Mark V. Wiley, author of Mastering Eskrima Disarms

“With the unfortunate passing of Punong Guro Edgar Sulite and Master Christopher Ricketts a great part of the Filipino martial arts was last. However with the group “Sulite Orchenal Group” (SOG) the legacy lives on through the dedicated students. The book LAMECO Eskrima by David Gould captures the essence of the art through the students that have learned and now continue to promulgate the art. A Must Have Book.”  —Steven K. Dowd, publisher of The FMA Informative

“In 10 chapters spanning 270 pages, Gould has put together quite an awesome text with a unique approach… Gould lays out a history of how Lameco developed, Sulite’s upbringing in the art, and the evolution of Lameco up through Edgar’s untimely passing at just 40 years old… This book is deserving of a place on your shelf, absolutely mandatory reading for Lameco students.” —Jake Burroughs, The Ground Never Misses

“There is a definite sense of weight and responsibility from the author in telling his tale.  Guro Gould has a great deal of respect for PG Sulite, and it shines through in the writing. If you are a student of Lameco Eskrima this book would be very important to you.  If you are a student of FMA this book should be a very interesting addition to your learning.” —Jaredd Wilson, Martial Thoughts

Only $29.95