Making mistakes is OK when dealing with health and trying to recreate a better quality of life. But when you don’t realize you are making mistakes, serious problems occur that put success out of reach. This is a serious issue in the 10 most common mistakes people make when dealing with arthritis. This information, and a tailored “Arthritis Relief Action Plan” is found in my best-selling book, Arthritis Reversed.

Mistake #1 — Waiting Too Long To Address Arthritis

Even though there is no cure for arthritis, once you have been diagnosed, you must become proactive in managing, treating and slowing its progression. Reduction of symptoms and changes in lifestyle are essential from the start. Waiting too long to do something about arthritis is one of the biggest mistakes; it allows the condition to entrench itself in the body, to progress and to wreak havoc. There is no time like the present: Go ahead and make the decision to begin the rest of your life today by taking control of your arthritis.

Mistake #2Undergoing Arthroscopic Surgery

Plenty of research indicates without doubt that arthroscopic surgery, to “repair” arthritic joints and the space between them does not work. When it comes to fixing your arthritic condition, it is a mistake to go ahead with physician-recommended arthroscopic surgery. Given the number of years this practice has been in place, I can understand why this doesn’t seem like a mistake, but it is. So if your primary care physician or orthopedic specialist suggests you have this procedure, please say, “No, thank you.”

Mistake #3 — Avoiding Exercise, Being sedentary

I know you are in pain, it is difficult to do what you used to do, and it takes serious effort to get up and keep moving. But it is a mistake to allow the symptoms of arthritis to keep you from enjoying a vibrant life. In fact, immobility and a sedentary lifestyle are contraindicated when it comes to arthritis. Physical activity lubricates the joints, maintains their range of motion, improves blood flow and stabilizes the muscles around arthritis joints. All of this reduces inflammation and pain as long as the exercise is within a range that you can perform without injury or further damage to your joints.

Mistake #4 — Assuming If You Are “Physically Fit” And “Eat Right” You Won’t Get Arthritis

The physically fit and active among us are great at creating a worldview and building a lifestyle around being healthy, fit and vibrant. I would like active people to know that they are not safe from arthritis. You see, a condition like rheumatoid arthritis can come on at any time and for various unknown reasons; it is a result of an autoimmune disorder that has nothing to do with how physically fit you may be. And people who train hardest, run most intensely and jump the most over prolonged periods are most susceptible to osteoarthritis. They are at the highest risk for wearing down joints and damaging the cartilage between them. A look at the people being treated at a physical therapy center shows this to be true. Anyone can suffer arthritis, not just the sedentary and sick. It is a mistake to think otherwise.

Mistake #5 — Not Believing Diet And Nutrition Play A Major Role In Arthritis

One of the key components of osteoarthritis prevention and reversal is embracing an organic, nutrient-dense diet, and taking nutritional supplements to reduce symptoms and shore up wellness. Our bodies are created from the stuff we eat. The quality of our cells and blood and tissues derive from the quality of our nutritional intake. Taking natural supplements to reduce inflammation and ease pain and improve joint motility is always easier on the body than taking artificial drugs. Don’t fall victim to diet and nutrition mistakes. Instead, put nutritionally dense food into your body.

Mistake #6 — Thinking Medical Specialists Have All The Answers

Americans are taught to believe in a healthcare system that incorporates two practitioner categories: generalists and specialists. When it comes to arthritis, the specialist is usually an orthopedist or immunologist. In either case, it is a mistake to think these people have all the answers; they don’t. Yes, they are highly educated in their specific field of treatment, but they are often ignorant of the available natural and holistic options. Oftentimes, they dismiss such options as so much hocus-pocus. It is important to note, however, that a medical specialist may have the right option for you. So keep an open mind in all cases and do look for multiple opinions and resources when considering the path you will take on your road to a better life.

buddhaMistake #7 — Not Giving Natural Therapies Enough Time To Work

Natural therapies like herbal remedies, supplements, dietary changes, energy medicine and manual therapies that gently work the energy lines (meridians), the soft tissue and the skeletal system are effective. As a matter of fact, they work very well, but only when given the time to do their job. They are gentle and take time to correct the imbalances within the body that cause arthritis or allow the condition to continue on its destructive course. Please do not give up on natural therapies and solutions. It is a mistake just to “try” them for a short period, or even a single time, and say they don’t work because they didn’t meet your expectation of immediate relief.

Mistake #8 — Continuing On A Treatment Plan That’s Not Working

If you do give a natural remedy the time necessary to work as it should, and it falls short for you or does not seem to help you, then it is a mistake to keep doing it. Additionally, continuing to take a medication to mask arthritic symptoms without altering the condition in a positive way is a mistake; discontinue it. Move on to the next therapy and find the mix of products, treatments and practices that, when combined, do what you need them to. Everyone reacts differently to therapies.

Mistake #9 — Believing There Are No More Options Left

Believing there are no options left — that you have exhausted all options within the medical profession for arthritis relief — is a mistake. There are many causes and triggers for arthritis and its symptoms. And the good news is that within the treasure chest of alternative medicine and holistic therapies are hundreds of options that can work for you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to arthritis.

Mistake #10 — Failing To Take Personal Control Of Your Situation

No one cares about your arthritic condition as much as you do. You are the one suffering, not others, so to rely on others to take care of your condition is a big mistake. You must take personal control of your arthritis. You are the only one who can change your lifestyle, removing the things that negatively impact your health and wellness. It is only you who can eat right and take supplements and administer pain relieving creams and gels. It is only you who can stretch, walk, exercise and meditate. It is a mistake to think otherwise.

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