Kellie Bach

Kellie Bach has been a statistician for over 20 years and for the past 12 years has been the owner and lead statistician at Analytic Solutions. Over a decade ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which led to deep reflection and positive growth in her life. The diagnosis gave Kellie the motivation to become a certified health coach, substantially cleaning up her family’s diet, and allowing her to help many others manage various health conditions and emotional struggles. Through her own process of recovery, Kellie developed a much deeper spiritual practice which has had a huge impact on slowing the progression of MS while enriching her and her family’s lives in the process. Journaling about gratitude, she believes, is one of the cornerstones of her recovery and quality of life. She lives in suburban Philadelphia with her twin daughters and their pets.

My Gratitude Journal

My Gratitude Journal

Genre: Mind & Body
Tag: Gratitude

Expressing gratitude, remembering moments where you felt gratitude, and recalling what you are grateful for empowers you toward a happier life with stronger interpersonal relationships. Journaling about gratitude is an important tool for growing spiritually and emotionally as it helps you remember to be grateful throughout your day. Through acknowledging your blessings and reflecting on all that you are grateful for you will come to lead a happier and more fulfilling lif

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