Sam Buot

Sam Buot, born March 24, 1936, is a lawyer and businessman, a graduate of Silliman University in the Philippines. He was a broker, appraiser, investor and developer, who engaged in real estate both in the Philippines and the USA. Grandmaster Buot is an enthusiast of Philippine Martial Arts and has served as unofficial historian of the Balintawak Eskrima style having studied under the tutelage of Grandmaster Venancio Bacon, Jose Villasin, Teofilo Velez and Teddy Buot since the late 1950s. Buot has received several awards for his involvements including the Outstanding Alumnus Award from his alma mater Silliman University and the Golden Life Achievement Award by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, a worldwide martial arts grandmaster’s council.

Balintawak Eskrima

Balintawak Eskrima

Genre: Filipino Martial Arts
Tag: FMA

Eskrima stick fighting is indigenous to the Philippines and in the 1950s one of the most popular styles emerged: Balintawak. To appreciate Anciong Bacon’s Balintawak Eskrima, you have to understand set-ups, anticipation, the art of outwitting through ruses and lures; economy and simplification of motion, sans lavish and squandered movements; effective strikes fused and bonded with speed, power, elegance and grace. That is the essence of Anciong’s Balintawak and these are the methods Sam Buot explains and demonstrates in this book.

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