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Mataw Guro FMA Education Book

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FMA Education:

The Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano

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Book Specs: 7×10, 288 pages, 675 photographs and Illustrations, black and white on white paper, ISBN: 978-1-943155-17-0

$32.95 Print | $9.99 Kindle

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About Louelle Lledo

Lou Lledo - Author Pic - 200Mataw Guro Louelle Lledo is grandmaster of Amara Arkanis Arnis, head of the Mataw Guro Association, and Senior Adviser to the United Fellowship of Martial Artists. Lledo is one of the best known and renowned Filipino martial arts instructors in the world. A captain in the Philippine Air Force Reserves, he has received several awards from martial arts organizations including Grandmaster of the Year Award of the Filipino Fighting Arts (2003), and Excellence Award in the Preservation of the Martial Arts (2004). He has helped train elite Filipino officers as chief defensive tactics instructor of the Headquarters, Philippine Integrated National Police Training Command, and National Capital Regional Training Center at Fort Bonifacio, chief unarmed combat instructor of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and chief combat instructor of the 1st Air Division and the 304th Security Squadron of the Philippine Air Force. Through years of martial arts experience he has created his own form of Filipino martial arts which he called Amara Arkanis. He is also the founder and head of the Mataw Guro Association, a group dedicated to ensuring the quality and propagation of quality Filipino martial art’s educators.

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About Andy Sanano

Anyd Sanano - Author Pic 200Mataw Guro Andy Sanano was born and raised in the Philippines, coming to the United States in his late teens. He served in the United States Air Force for over 20 years, which brought him to the Rapid City area in 1972. Mataw Guro Andy Sanano has been training in the Martial Arts since 1961. He has more than 49 years’ experience in hand-to-hand combat and over 38 years in the instruction of martial arts. He is the Mataw Guro of the Filipino Martial Arts Education in USA. He is the Dakilang Guro (10th degree) of the Trecehampas Family tradition of Arnis De Mano and Awayan (Ah-wah-yahn) (the Arts of Fighting).  Over the years, his Martial Arts achievements have included receiving an 8th degree Black Belt Datu in Modern Sikaran, 8th degree Black Belt Datu in Burokil Alambra Arnis De Mano, a 5th  degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and a 5th degree Black Belt in Filipino Combat Judo. Dakilang Guro Sanano specializes in a variety of traditional weapons including Arnis De Mano (Philippine Arts of Stick Fighting), Sai, Double Sword, Butterfly Knives, Nunchaku and Balisong among others.

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“This book will be very beneficial in learning, for the beginner in understanding and being able to grasp the basics and for the experienced practitioner reviewing where it all starts.” —Punong Guro Steven K. Dowd, FMA Informative

About The Book

Research and development of authentic indigenous classical maneuvers within FMA training has given rise to the formation of this FMA Education: The Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano. The basics and drills leading to skills are firmly rooted in a common language of biomechanics based upon anatomy, physiology and physics, and this is the foundation presented in this book.

FMA Education correlates the techniques of Filipino martial arts and creates a basic standard of fundamentals from which all FMA style can be built. Most improtant are the small set of “classical maneuvers” from which all techniques are based, and the two “basic strikes” from which all strikes derive.

With nearly 700 photos featured over 286 pages of text, this training manual merges the authors’ previous four handbooks into a single, newly expanded and comprehensive volume. The expectation of this book is to help develop the ability of teachers and students to present a consistent educational curriculum across all of the traditional systems and schools of FMA (Arnis/Eskrima) while understanding and respecting the variations among them.

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Rave Reviews

“I commend Mataw Guros Lledo and Sanano for their dedication, vision and mission for creating an FMA Education platform. This book covers all areas of this program and offers depth of detail for beginners and teachers alike.” —Dr. Mark Wiley, Senior Adviser, Mataw Guro Association

This valuable source of instruction and advisement is one answer to cultivate that quest for self-preservation, self-development and self-mastery found in the many reasons for training.” —Dr. Christopher M. Viggiano, President, Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA)

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