A Teacher’s Guide for Beginning Yoga

A Teacher's Guide to Beginning Yoga
Book Specs. 6×9, 128 pages, 200 line drawings, ISBN: 978-0804821049. Published by Yoga SKY Foundation (1997).

About the Author

pratappresenterpageVijayendra Pratap, PhD, DYP is the founder and director of the Swami Kuvalayananda Yoga (SKY) Foundation and the Yoga Research Society (YRS). He earned his PhD from the Department of Applied Psychology, University of Bombay, and served at India’s Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute as lecturer of yoga and managing editor of Yoga Mimamsa. Dr. Pratap has conducted yoga programs for institutions and made presentations at conferences worldwide. 

About the Book

A Teacher’s Guide for Beginning Yoga is a manual of easy but fundamental yoga poses designed to help students learn the essential postures and preliminary breathing practices of the spiritual discipline of Yoga. Aimed at those who want to get right to the basics of Hatha Yoga, as it was intended to be learned and practiced, this book offers a direct, no-nonsense approach, plunging directly into an engaging encounter with 25 basic postures. For ease in learning, the manual is divided into five sections: Techniques, Suggestions, Results, Discussion and References, and Helpful Hints. Another attractive feature is a well-illustrated appendix of eight practice plans. 

The yoga repertoire presented here by Dr. Vijayendra Pratap is more than enough to launch beginners of all ages on a journey to self-improvement and discovery through the practice of Yoga. This is also a teacher’s guide, providing yoga teachers with tools and explanations for transmitting this ancient practice to the new generations. Clearly illustrated with over 200 line drawings, A Teacher’s Guide for Beginning Yoga is simply the best reference available for those wanting to begin, and for teachers of those students, in the practice of Hatha Yoga.

“YOGA has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body. It has a message for the human mind. And it has also a message for the human soul.” — Swami Kuvalayananda


Rave Reviews

“Although I have read books on and about yoga, this one is unique. It is at once a student’s guide and a teacher’s manual. This is one book I will not put on the shelf. I will keep it handy as a reference for my own yoga practice.” – Stanley Krippner, Saybrook Institute

“You don’t have to be a teacher to appreciate Vijayendra Pratap’s sparkling introductory volume.” – Linda Holt, Lightworks

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