American Kenpo Karate

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Its Key Principals and Rules

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Book Specs: 7″ x 10″ Paperback * 144 Pages * 200 Images * Black & White on White Paper * Pub Date: September 16, 2019 * ISBN: 978-1692972455

$24.95 Print | $9.99 Kindle


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About the Author

Irvin B. Gill started his Martial Arts training in the Tracy System of American Kenpo in 1990 under Sifu J. Donald Burrier until achieving the rank of 2nd Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt). He was awarded his 3rd Dan by GM Dennis Tosten of the Amerikick Karate System in 1999. He taught at Andorra and then later at the Willow Grove schools in Pennsylvania until 2000. In 1999, he started training with GM Palanzo in Baltimore, eventually receiving his 4th, 5th & 6th Degree Black Belts. In 2014, he started training in Integrated Eskrima with Dr. Mark Wiley, and has the internal art of Bando Min Zin under Dr. Maung Gyi for 20 years.

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Rave Reviews

“Irvin Gill evaluates and rediscovers the five key principles of Kenpo – Proper Awareness, Proper Structure, Proper Energy and Force, Proper Movement, and Proper Strategy and Tactics – to better understand what makes Kenpo unique in an ocean of martial arts.–Martial Arts of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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About the Book

American Kenpo Karate: Its Key Principles and Rules is that map for the Kenpo practitioner. This book explores the five key principles that are the reasons behind the physical movements encompassed by this martial arts system. Just because a movement involves a kick or a punch, it isn’t necessarily karate, let alone American Kenpo. With that map, it is difficult to get off the track.

Over 200 photographs demonstrate the concepts within this book, which was written so that anyone, martial artists and non-martial artists alike, can understand and appreciate it.

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