Martial Arts have been a cornerstone of civilizations, culture and society for thousands of years. Not only do they provide skills and means of self-defense, but their deeper practices concern the development and self-cultivation of the individual practitioner.

The martial arts of China, Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines and other Asian countries have developed and been passed down through direct transmission, from master to disciple. These traditional practices were mind-body disciplines that forget the spirit, tempered the mind, developed the body and crafted the character of the practitioner.

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The Long Awaited Book on Kabaoran Eskrima

It's finally here. The long awaited book on Kabaroan Eskrima by Grandmaster Ramiro Estalilla. Estalilla, now 86 years young, is one of the most senior grandmasters of FMA int he world today. It took 20 years for this book to come together... and it's well worth the...

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Tai Chi’s Healing Movement Power

By Dr. Mark Wiley Premodern civilizations had developed a vast array of mind/body techniques and practices for achieving enlightenment, spirituality and long life. A few of them have survived into the modern age and today science it “catching up” with its realization...

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Mark Wiley’s Eskrima Distance Learning Program

Dr. Mark Wiley's Integrated Eskrima DLP Apprentice Instructor Distance Learning Program   Welcome to Tambuli Media’s comprehensive DLP (Distance Learning Program) on the art of Integrated Eskrima — developed and structured by FMA historian and grandmaster, Dr. Mark...

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Remembering Punong Guro Edgar Sulite

by David E. Gould This past April marked the 20 year death anniversary of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, the Founder of the Lameco Eskrima System. He passed away at too young an age on April 10, 1997. The following account is of my last memories of him during his last...

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When the Obvious Isn’t Obvious

By Arnaldo Ty Núñez In the beginning stages of training, we are ecstatic with whatever our instructor teaches us, because it is totally new and we are fulfilling our desire... learning martial arts! We are typically introduced to the basics, which consist of drills to...

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Meeting O-Sensei

Editor's Note: It's no secret that I am a collector of books. I love them; especially the ones that contain deep insights into common topics or esoteric discussions of areas not so clear.    In Walther von Krenner's book, Following the Martial Path, he accomplishes...

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