By Datu Shishir Inocalla

Filipino martial arts have captured the imagination of martial artists, military and Hollywood. Manufactured in Barrio Balisong, Taal Batangas, no weapon more so than the infamous Balisong or “butterfly knife” has become the lure of Arnis, Kalis and Eskrima.

The Batanguenos (persons from Batangas) are well known for carrying and drawing Balisong knifes in fights or simply manipulating them. They are noted to produce Balisongs from the junked spare parts of jeeps and trucks left over from WWII. They produced a very beautiful balisong makes from animal horns for lighter and better grips.

The famous Balisong Vientenueve is notorious for its length and size. It was originally used as a sword and for practicality of folding up like an arnis stick. The handle serves as the case and when opened it doubles in length. There is a legendary belief that uit can actually dismantle 29 (vientenueve) people in one thrust.

Balisong are the only knives that carry spiritual symbol;ism of the Triangular Forces: Sentient (Subtle), Mutative (Medium) and Static (Crude). According to ancient Vedic philosophy, these three forces (called Gunas) are the source of creation, motion and action.

Balisong is the sacred symbol of Energy or Force. It is then up to the Balisong practitioner to maintain the purity of this art. From time immemorial Filipino masters avoided teaching knife fighting because of its negative side. But there is a saying: “Whatever is created will live, whatever lives will die. Whatever dies will live again.”

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Vientenueve Balisong: Filipino Butterfly Knife

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