Quanzhou Taizuquan

Zhou Kun Min Ngo Cho Kun

Quanzhou Taizuquan

The Fujian Art of Emperor Fist Kung-Fu

About the Book

Quanzhou Taizuquan is an important treatise on the martial arts of Fujian Province, China. Though it delves deep into the history and preserved cannon of Emperor Fist or “Grand Ancestor Boxing” (Taizuquan, Tai Cho Kun), the book is also a parallel look at Five Ancestor Fist (Ngo Cho Kun, Wuzuquan). Written by celebrated master and historian Zhou Kun Min, the book details the origins and development of Taizuquan and Wuzuquan through the centuries, often shedding new light on previously accepted dogma. 

Complementing the invaluable historical content are deeply detailed chapter discussions on Qi Energy, Body Mechanics, Stances, Fist Methods, Partner Training, Five Element Defenses. weapons, several fist forms and applications. This volume is the only English translated edition of the Chinese classic book by one of the most respected masters in Fujian province.

Rave Reviews

Master Zhou Kun Min has written one of the most important books on Southern Fist Kung-fu, with particular focus on the Emperor Fist and Five Ancestor Fist systems. A must have for all practitioners of Fujian martial arts.” —Dr. Mark Wiley, Beng Hong Athletic Assoc.

“I have known Mr. Zhou for 30 years and consider his knowledge and skill beyond approach. His endless energy to expose the world to this fascinating art is phenomenal.” —Sifu John Graham, US Ambassador South Shaolin Quzuquan Assoc.

“Always insightful and occasionally provocative, Quanzhou Taizuquan is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers. Arguments about the decline of the traditional arts notwithstanding, this volume illustrates my contention that we are fortunate to have entered a particularly fruitful time for martial arts publishing.”—Ben Judkins, Kung-Fu Tea

“The publication of this book marks the beginning of a new and exciting era for Taizuquan that, so far outside of Mainland China—indeed, outside of Fujian—has not yet happened.” —Sifu Simon T. Lailey, SanShanGong

About Zhou Kun Min

Zhou Kun Min was born in Quanzhou City in Fujian province. In 1961 he started to train at the Quanzhou Wushu Research Society, and in 1963 he joined the Xiamen University Wushu Team, where he was trained by the celebrated martial arts masters of the Minnan area, including Master Dai Huo Yan, Lin Qi Yan, and Lin Du Ying. In due course, Master Zhou was appointed Chairman of the Quanzhou City Wushu Association and Deputy Chairman of the Fujian Province Wushu Association. In 2005, he was appointed 10th Chairman of the International Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan Fellowship General Association.

In the past, Master Zhou has assumed the position of Chief Editor for the “Quanzhou City Evening Newspaper” and the Secretary-General to the Communist Party Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee. He has also previously been Deputy Head to the Quanzhou City Standing Committee and was the Deputy Mayor to the Quanzhou City People’s government. Master Zhou is now enjoying his retirement. For Tambuli Media, he is author of the book, Quanzhou Taizuquan. 


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