“Only engage in a fight if no other option of escape is possible.”

Such are the words of Masstro Bong Abenir from his Tambuli Media book, Eskrima Street Defense. When applying Eskrima for street defense—as opposed to physical training or sport competition—simplicity is the key to survival. Eskrima Street Defense exposes all the gritty basics which reliably counter sudden violence in public places. 

two people showing techniques on a street scenario Eskrima's Unarmed Defense tambuli mediaTo ensure you can prevail against armed and unarmed assailants and multiple attackers, Bong Abenir reveals dozens of practical self-defense techniques in six major categories — Hand vs. Hand, Hand vs. Knife, Hand vs. Bolo, Knife vs. Knife, Bolo vs. Bolo, and Improvised Weapons. The following two segments are excerpted from the Unarmed Defense chapter of Abenir’s book, wherein each technique is explained in terms of the “Treat,” the “Response” and the “Caution” to be aware of.

Many street fights do happen without involving the use of weapons. And in my humble opinion is probably preferable than facing someone with a gun or a knife or any other deadly weapon because your chances of survival is much higher. But then again there are also reported incidents wherein deaths did occur as a result of a fist fight. So if there is a way for you to avoid an alt traction with someone then by all means try to do so.

Technique 1 – Defense Against a Rear Straight Punch

Threat: The assailant grabs your shirt and is about to deliver a right rear straight punch to your face.

Response: 1) Simultaneously extend your left arm towards the assailant’s bicep to stop the momentum of the punch and your right hand with your thumb sticking out to hit his eye. 2) Then grab his neck with your left hand and deliver a left knee to the groin. 3) And finish off by hooking your right arm around his left arm to maneuver him towards the ground.

Caution: Don’t let your guard down. Raise your hands as a shield or a barrier that your attacker has to go through in order to connect his head shot.

Technique 2 – Defense Against a Rear Hook Punch

Threat: The assailant tries to deliver a right hook punch to your face.

Response: 1) Duck under the punch while covering your chin with both hands. 2) Drive through with your left fist towards his liver. 3) Then grab his
right ear and pull him down towards the ground.

Caution: Never forget to protect your chin. You might still get caught by his punch so it would be a good thing to have your fist protecting your chin to avoid getting struck directly, and possibly knocked out.

Eskrima's Unarmed Defense book tambuli media

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