Improvised Playground Workout

(30 Exercises on 2 Streaming Videos)

Burn with Kearns Improvised Playground Workout

About Coach Kevin Kearns

Kevin Kearns - Author Pic - 200For over 25 years, Kevin Kearns has been professionally involved in the fitness industry. In 2013, he was named an All Star Conference Presenter for IDEA, the world largest association for fitness and wellness professionals. Based on his extensive martial arts and fitness backgrounds, Kevin has served as the strength and conditioning coach for professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters including Alberto Crane, Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, and Din Thomas. He also was the strength and conditioning coach for WEC fighter Alex Karalexis and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter Daniel Gracie. Kevin works closely with famed Muay Thai/MMA coach Mark DellaGrotte out of Sityodtong. Athletes from several professional teams work with Kevin during the on and off seasons. Kevin is certified by the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified Specialist, a FreeMotion Master Trainer. He has written over 100 articles and has been published and been a regular columnist for Ultimate MMA, Fighters Only, Train Hard Fight Easy, and Fitness Trainer magazines.

About The Videos

In this intensive video series, Coach Kevin Kearns shows you 30 amazing exercises you can improvise on the playground. Steps, benches, picnic tables, monkey bars, swings and other common playground items are, in the hands of a fitness buff, equipment for an intensive cardio and strength training workout. 

Video 1 – 16 amazing exercises including: one-legged squats, pull-ups, step-ups, explosive step-ups, Explosive pull-ups, monkey bar swings, inverted rows, dynamic planks on a swing, fence hops, knuckle push-ups, elevated push-ups, stepping drills, quadrant pattern explosive movements, bench dips, and more!

Video 2 – After an intensive tire swing rotation exercise, Coach Kearns goes into an Awesome 24 minute “Chaos Interval Training” method using 6 different pieces of equipment, twice each, with all different exercises, including: medicine ball twists, mini-trampoline hops, single lunges, rowing with bands, Bosu exercises, sledgehammer exercises, inverted rows, super band lunges and presses, dead lifting on a mini-trampoline, and so much more!

These playground exercises are truly state-of-the-art in that they address all 5 areas of functional fitness: Push, Pull, Level Change, Rotation and Locomotion. They are effective, Efficient and Safe and will give you a full body workout outside and having fun. With these 30 exercises and the intensive “chaos workout” you will never be at a loss for what to do. 

Grab your digital copy and stream these videos from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or PC anywhere… even at the playground!

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