The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA), in association with the International Beng Hong Athletic Association and United Fellowship of Martial Artist International, welcome you to join us on Saturday May 04, 2019 for an amazing day of inspiring cross-system training, lunch, SOBBA induction ceremony, and Banquet Dinner with Masters Demonstrations. The All-Day Event will be held at the luxurious Lai Lai Garden Chinese Banquet Hall in Blue Bell, PA. 

Workshop Training Sessions will include: Karate, Kung-fu, Eskrima, Lock & Control Techniques, Self-Defense Against Common Weapons, Application of Kata, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Health & Wellness,  Martial Spirituality… and more!

The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA), founded in 1964, is a Brother & Sisterhood devoted to the Growth and Professional Advancement of all the Martial Disciplines in the United States; to the establishment and maintenance of professional standards in all the Martial Arts and to establish and maintain the Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being of all individuals regardless of Style, Rank or Affiliation. SOBBA acknowledges all of the Martial Arts as equal because of the common Ancestry, Heritage and Code of Ethics between them; accepting the Principles that each Martial Art within its own system is supreme judge of its Procedures and Promotion Standards.” … Founder Soke Robert L. Murphy (1937-2007) 

Register Now. Limited Space!

65 spots for Training Workshops – 120 Seats for the Banquet.

Full Event: Workshops & Banquet

Non-Member pricing if registered before April 22 (after, fee will be $130).

Full Event: Workshops and Banquet

Member pricing if registered before April 22. (after, fee will be $115).

Workshops Only

Non-member pricing.

Workshops Only

Member Pricing.

Banquet Only

10 Course Dinner Banquet with SOBBA Induction Ceremony and Masters Demonstrations.

Pay-at-the-Door Items

Workshop Spectator Fee: $10
Spectator Buffet Lunch: $15
SOBBA Event T-Shirt: $15
Tambuli Books & DVDs

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