Beng Hong Ngo Cho Kun

15 Year Anniversary Publication

About the Association

Logos Mark Likes BlackThe International Beng Hong Athletic Association was established in 1998, under the supervision of Grandmaster Alexander Lim Co and the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Club (the oldest kung-fu school in the Philippines). It was only the second such permission given by Beng Kiam for the opening of a branch club. The first was given to the late Alnfonzo Ang Hua Kun for his Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Kung-Fu Center. It is our great honor to be a standard bearer for this rare art from Fukian province, China. Ngo Cho Kun (Wu Zu Quan) is now the official martial art taught and practiced at the Shaolin Temple in Quan Zhou, China. More information here

About the Book

This collector’s item is the 15 Year Souvenir Publication of the American Beng Hong Athletic Association of Orthodox Ngo Cho Kun – Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu. Ngo Cho Kun (Wu Zu Quan) is the southern Chinese Fukien martial art of Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu. While very popular in China and Southeast Asia, the art is quite rare in the West, especially in North America.

The American Beng Hong Athletic Association is the brother club of the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association, the oldest Kung-Fu club in the Philippines. Beng Hong holds an unbroken transmission line in the art from its founder, Sijo Chua Giok Beng, down five generations.

It is our vision that Beng Hong is able to make this dynamic art available to a wider audience of practitioners who seek traditional Chinese martial arts that contain a robust training curriculum with depth of knowledge. The Souvenir Publication offer one more keyhole through which to view this rare art and to review how it continues to be spread around the world.

Enjoy the information in the pages that follow and please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself to us. We welcome all to come and learn. The days of secrecy and race barriers are behind us. In the pages of this 86 page souvenir publication you will read history of this art, letters from other respected kung-fu masters to the Association, our heretofor secret Dit Da Jow formula, and full teaching curriculum, and reprinted magazine articles by Sifu Mark Wiley and Sigung Alex Co.

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