Exercise needs to be fun. After all, if you’re having fun while you do it, you’re more likely to stick to it and get and stay healthy. And who’s not bored with crunches and dead lifts? Well, get ready to get fit and have fun…

Here Coach Kevin Kearns shows you two fun exercises on the rebounder (a fitness mini-trampoline) that will burn and tone you in no time. All you need is a rebounder, which you can purchase at sporting goods stores, online, or at your favorite big box store. I borrow my daughters, when she lets me! Getting the 8ft trampolines is also a dream as that is so much fun and better.

Kevin shares with us two exercises, the “Butt Bounce” and the “Bounce and Hold.”

Butt bounce

This looks as silly as anything, but boy does it work your core.

Sit down with your butt in the center of the trampoline.

Cross your arms over your chest, like you are going to do crunches.

Raise your knees toward your chest, so your feet are off the ground at the same level.

From here, you will coordinate and contract a bunch of different muscle groups to make yourself bounce up and down on your butt.

The exercise looks easy and silly, but let me tell you how hard it is and how much it works your core muscles and burns in no time.

Try your best to bounce on your butt as high as you can go, being sure to maintain your posture each time.

Thirty seconds to a minute of this will take your workout, and your core, to the next level.

Bounce and hold

This exercise also looks easy but, again, it is not. But it is fun and develops dynamic and explosive power. Even more so than those plyometric exercises you have tried or been meaning to try!

Stand in the middle of the trampoline and find your balance.

Bend your knees and crouch like you’re skiing.

Raise your arms up in front of you parallel to one another and the ground.

Now do a series of short, fast jumps while maintaining your crouched body position, for 10 seconds.

Then stop immediately in place and hold the position for 3-to-5 seconds.

Now jump again, short and fast, for another 10 seconds and hold again.

This exercise will strengthen, tighten and work your legs in shorter time than most other exercises.

These exercises are so fun, yet so difficult, but you don’t need to do them every day. Once or twice a week adds some spice and fun to your normal exercise routine, and the results are amazing.

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